Bet you didn’t know I had a step brother. When I was younger we used to be so close. In fact, I used to practice flirting on him. Well, flirting and more. He’s even the one who took my virginity. Let me tell you about seducing my stepbrother!

It had to be well into the middle of the night when the storm began. It started off as a gray blanket over the sky and a gentle whisper blowing through the trees, before it escalated into angry gusts of wind and aggressive rain that fell heavily over my hometown, drenching everything in its path. Thunder boomed and rolled across the hills, and lightning crackled sharply against the blackened sky.

The intense rumble of thunder suddenly roused me from my sleep.

I was very innocent and still scared of the noise. My heart pumped feverishly in my chest, as I was trying to breathe and calm down. I breathed quickly as I looked around the pitch black room and listened in to the furious pattering of rain against the window and the deep growls of thunder.

Laying back down, I pulled the sheets over my head and tried to get back to sleep. I tossed and turned in the dark, but the storm had successfully managed to banish my sleep. Pulling back the covers, I slowly climbed out of bed, clutching my stuffed rabbit close to me as I walked gently across the room to the door. With a quiet whimper, I turned the knob and slowly opened the door before walking out into the hallway.

The rest of the house was nearly pitch black and I held onto the handrail and stayed close to the wall as I descended quietly down the stairs, making my best efforts to not wake my dad and step-mom. I got to the living room and looked to the couch and there he was, my step-brother, home from college. Tristan was fast asleep on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket. Our parents had already turned his basement room into a gym and craft room. I walked up the side of the couch before crouching to my knees.


I whispered as I nudged his shoulder. “Tristan, wake up. Please get up…” I whined out quietly. Tristan groaned tiredly as he stirred awake. He rolled over to his side and slowly peeled his eyes open. 

“Athena..” He mumbled and rubbed his eyes. “I’m trying to sleeeep… what’re you even doing up?”

“T-the storm scared me. .” I replied softly, “And I can’t sleep..let me sleep with you, just this once..please?” I begged like a little child, pushing his shoulder. Tristan sighed, before he pulled away his blanket and opened his arm for me. 

“Fine..c’mere..” He huffed.

I stopped pouting in an instant and gave him a thrilled little smile. I crawled up onto the couch and snuggled up beside him. Tristan put his arm around me and pulled the blanket over us both. I didn’t have any plans about seducing my stepbrother at the moment. Burying my head into Tristan’s chest, I rubbed my face all over his shirt and letting out quiet, giddy giggles of joy. I couldn’t help but breathe in deeply, inhaling the familiar scent of his clothing before I exhaled. Tristan tiredly nuzzled my forehead as he already began to drift off again. I clutched the fabric of his t-shirt as I started to drift off as well… until I felt a subtle bump against my leg.

To Be Continued…


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