Seducing Her Engaged Roommate-Morgan’s Story Of Corruption-Part 2


Her cunt was covered with a downy thatch of reddish-blond pubic hair. It was light, but she didn’t shave. While seducing her legs open, Morgan notice there was a slight glisten on the hairs surrounding her vulva.

“Do you want this to happen, Ellie?”

As a result, the flush on her face was immediate as she moved her hips forward.

“I want to hear it. I’m not doing anything until you tell me.”

She choked the words out, foreign to her, a slight crack in her voice betraying her bravado.

“I want this.”

Seducing her pussy, I ran my fingers up and down her slit, stroking gently the little nub that had grown hard over the course of the evening. She moaned enchantingly when contact was made with her clit. Her cunt had produced enough cream to easily slid in four fingers, much less two. I entered two fingers inside her, pressing them towards me once inside her as I heard her small gasp at the intrusion. Finally, I found her G-spot and began to rapidly press up and against me violently, fucking her to drive her quickly to the edge. I wasn’t going to pussyfoot around, and this wasn’t going to be what she imagined.

The pressure and stimulation made her eyes fly open, as she realized seducing had taken place. She could hear the noise that her cunt made with my fingers and I could see the horror in her face. Finally, she began to pant and moan heavily. I held onto her as she began moving into my fingers, her hips and thighs vibrating and shaking as she bit into my shoulder, and gushed a puddle of ejaculate (or piss-whatever your belief system) all on the sink and floor in front of us.

As a result, her body was still convulsing when I spread her legs apart further and yanked her ass back to the end of the sink, her limbs dangling.

I knelt down on her wet mess below us on the floor and spread her seducing swollen, pulsing cunt lips, licking up from her asshole to her clit.

Finally, I placed my lips around that sweet little pink button and formed a suction around it. As a result, she dug her fingertips into my shoulders and widened her legs, bucking her hips toward my mouth. I refused to let go of the vice grip on her as she moved. After five minutes with her legs shivering and her pelvis moving, I heard the soft moan.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum again…”

The waves hit her again, and this time I didn’t care that she was vocal. I didn’t give a shit who was listening outside.

Her breath went from heaving to steady as she placed her hand over her heart to stop the thumping. She was relieved, and the look on her face was a mix of deviance and innocence. I stood up slowly.

I gently placed my fingers under my nose. Feeling like she was seducing me now, I had no desire to put them underwater for a while.

I took her panties from the floor and placed them in her hand, leaning over to kiss her cheek.

“Clean up.”

I opened the door and was glad no one was waiting outside it to go in. Not that it would have made much difference and all the seducing I had done.

I walked back to the bar, picked up my drink, thanked the bartender for his diligence, and went back outside.

Not even a defiled straight child of Christ was going to make me miss the dredges of this party.

The night was still, by Brooklyn’s standards, young.


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