Seducing Her Engaged Roommate-Morgan’s Story Of Corruption-Part 1

Seducing her wasn’t going to be easy.

Ellie ordered 2 falafel sandwiches.

Once I paid, and we were handed our sandwiches, we walked outside, while the rest of the Brooklyn crew were getting their orders in.

Finally, she raised her falafel to me and we bumped our bread together as a silent toast to ourselves.

“Thanks for dinner, Morgan.”

“My pleasure. Once everyone gets out here, let’s eat and walk. I think we should hit Caracas soon before the fucking hipsters get there. They have a patio out the back, and decent drinks.”

By the time we had finished Brooklyn’s best chickpea sandwich, the rest of the group had joined us, and we strolled to Grand street, not a swift step in the bunch. The evening had begun seducing us.

Finally, we headed toward the back deck and as we began the drinking portion of the evening, the group broke up into smaller subgroups. As a result, Ellie and I were sitting across from each other at a bench, surrounded by men on all sides. I was amused at how they looked at her like a doll for their pleasure. Elian was being his usual social butterfly and running back and forth buying drinks for everyone, seducing everyone, completely in his element.

As a result, one of the shy boys on our floor had the guts to ask Ellie, after four rough shots of tequila, the question every man in the vicinity of her wanted to know.

“So…El…if you weren’t engaged, would you be attracted to any one of us guys you live with?”

Subtle, Tom.

As a result, I leaned over to pick up my drink, removed the straw and I took a deep swallow of the Long Island Iced Tea to see if she would bother answering. She was already buzzed and looked from each boy until she rested her eyes on me, and locked her light blue orbs there, seducing me.

Finally, each one of the men at the table moved their eyes from her to me, and the volume disappeared out of the immediate area.

“I’m attracted very much to Morgan.”

She began to stammer after I smiled at her, not breaking eye contact.

“I mean… I’m not into…. girls… at all. But, I’m really attracted to you.”

I could feel the tremor of every man at that table. I couldn’t tell if they wanted to kill me or watch us fuck.

As a result, I could see the struggle of the admission of it in her face. She wasn’t used to admitting desire out loud. Probably never for someone of her own sex. She might have had fleeting crushes or had been attracted before, maybe even seducing others, but thinking about it and actually saying it was two different things.

As a result, my voice was softer than I expected.

“Come here, Ellie.”

Finally, she stood up and made her way around the table. When she was within sight, I patted my lap, beckoning her to sit. She moved gracefully without hesitation and moved her tiny butt onto my lap.

“No. Come here, Ellie.”

I repeated it and she leaned down, her mouth as close it could get to my mouth without touching her tiny cupid bow lips to mine. I whispered, seducing her.

“Sexuality is fluid. You are attracted to the person, not the sex. Most people are that way. You don’t have to make excuses…You are an incredibly sweet girl.”

As a result, she smiled and lowered her eyes at this, leaning in with all her sudden brave sexual prowess, and kissed me, wrapping her lips with mine. It was intensely moving and my hearing went mute for a moment. All I could feel was the warm wet softness of her tongue tangled with mine.

She squirmed on my lap and let out a soft moan of want, part alcohol, part needing to have a release. I took my hands and placed them on her arms, pulling her back, and whispering.

“Not here. Go mingle.”

It wasn’t until she peeled herself off my lap that I noticed that the scope of silence had reached the entire patio. We were being watched as she was seducing me back.

By everyone.

Elian, from across the room, broke the silence by raising his glass.

“To our new roommate Ellie. And to Morgan, who has the ability to turn gay men straight, and apparently straight girls gay.”

As a result, the tension broke with laughter, and the noise returned, with the exception of the table. The looks of bewilderment from the men sitting there had turned to vapid admiration.

I stood up and raised my glass, downing the rest of my drink. I would have to begin seducing Ellie. The sooner, the better.


Finally, I bowed my head and left them before they said a word, heading inside to get another drink.

The bar was just starting to get busy. I ordered a Bacardi and diet coke and leaned my forearms against the bar. I turned my head to see Ellie standing there. She had followed me there without getting my attention. It still felt like she was seducing me. I studied her quietly, waiting for what she wanted to say.


It was a statement. I didn’t reply and slid my money to the bartender as he slid me my drink.

“Ellie. Go to the bathroom and wait for me.”

My cunt was throbbing, and this was not going to wait.

She had guests, definitely couldn’t leave yet, and was about four drinks away from the point that alcohol would make her incoherent and intolerable. She moved quickly out of sight.

I knew the bathroom was one stall with a lock. I had been there many times before and liked the fact it was one of the few bars that could boast such privacy for my seducing Ellie.

Tapping the top of my glass repeatedly for a minute, I felt in my joints every second that she was waiting there for me. I got the bartender’s attention.

“Hold my drink for me? I have to make a pit stop.”

Finally, he nodded and pulled it back toward him.

As a result, I walked to the bathroom, feeling her nervous pace before I even entered.

I opened the door easily, taking note of the decorative slats in it, giving the illusion of wooden blinds. Finally, I took one step in, shut it behind me, and slid the lock securely. I would start seducing her with my eyes immediately.

She was shaking nervously as I approached her. I took my finger and ran it down the right cheek of her oval freckled face.

“Don’t you just love this part, Ellie? The anticipation?”

Finally, she leaned into me as I moved her hips to the long part of the sink. She pulled herself on it, the area around the sink deep enough to place the bottom of her heels on it while she sat, her knees slightly spread exposing her underwear.

As a result, I could smell her as I began to remove them, her ass moving up as I slid them down her thighs and ballerina legs.



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