Secret Admirer Phone Sex Fantasy – Office Secrets – Part 1

Well hello there lovelies, and welcome to another blog. This week we’re exploring a secret admirer phone sex fantasy of mine. And while I can’t say I’ve been able to do something like this yet a girl can still dream.

He wasn’t as attractive as most men in the office, but that didn’t cool his libido when she was right there in his face every. Single. Day.

And it wasn’t just her beautiful face, seductive lips, or big tits he had to contend with.

Everywhere she went, she left a wake of floral fragrance that would linger. It haunted him, finding him even in his dreams. Some days he was lucky enough to work with her. And when they did, he’d find an excuse to hug her at some point. She was kind, and caring, and never turned one down.

Those nights were the best. After she hugged him, he’d take his jacket off, storing it away until he got home. Then he’d hold it up to his nose, deeply inhaling her scent as he stroked himself into oblivion. But it was never enough.

Half an hour later he would be covered in his own cum. But he needed more.

Recently he’d started writing fantasies about what he would do to her if he had the chance. It had begun as a way to get himself turned on to release more tension, but it didn’t stay that way.

As he wrote scene after graphic scene, he found himself more obsessed, with nowhere to turn. Surely someone else out there had to feel the same way. He scoured websites until his fingers were numb, looking for some story that resembled his.

If he was honest, there were millions of stories that reflected his obsession. But every single one fell short. Alice was the only girl he could think about. As he sat in his computer chair, an impulse come over him.

He was going to post his story so everyone could see much more special his Alice was, how different from the peasants that other men wrote about. What he didn’t know was Alice browsed Literotica, where he’d posted his stories.

The very next night my pussy was aching, and home alone, I pulled out my laptop.

My pussy was already wet before I even had my browser pulled up. And by now I was too horny to do anything but read. I slipped my hand under my panties, feeling the cotton over my hand as my fingers found my clit.

Using my other hand I scrolled through all of the amateur authors until a title caught my eyes. A title with my name. “Alice Brought To Her Knees”

Seeing my name was like an aphrodisiac. Who doesn’t love a good personalized sex story, am I right? But this one was different. It was too personalized. My fingers stilled as I read about how the new yellow shirt showed the outline of my nipples, and how good it looked with a small tattoo peeking out on my neck. My hand moved to my neck, caressing the area I’d had inked.

After a few seconds of freaking out, I kept reading.

It was time to figure out who my secret admirer was. I scrolled down and laughed. Loudly. The little pervert had signed his actual name to it.

I’d never thought of him like that. But now that I knew that he was lusting after me I was going to make him tremble. I poured myself a glass of water, downing it instead of fucking myself, and went to bed. I wanted to be so horny that he could smell my arousal when I walked into the office the next morning.

Let the games begin, I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued…


Thank you so much for checking out this week’s blog! If you just can’t wait until Friday to finish this secret admirer phone sex fantasy you can buy my audio here and skip the wait.

And if you’re looking for more sexy reading check out my friend Holly’s blog on an office romp here.   

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