School Girl Plays with her Extremely Shy Teacher- Part 2

When I showed up at detention I flashed a wicked grin at Mr. Shy as I sat down at my normal desk in front of him still in my school girl uniform.

 “I need you to write a hundred times, I will not be a distraction in class.” Oh this will be so much fun. “I thought you didn’t want us to lie Sir?”

“Then mean it. Your schooling is extremely important.” Those last words barely got out of his lips though as his eyes watched me from his desk. Instead of picking up my pencil I leaned back and spread my legs pantiles. His face went red as he saw me slide my fingers over my bare pussy. 

“You need to stop this, schooling is not a game”

Oh how his voice had dropped though. I knew I needed to pick up the pace I needed that hard cock in my mouth. Ever since I was little I’d had fantasies with an older vulnerable man. I chose Mr. Shy and I would have him. I reminded myself of this as I slid my wet fingers from my wet pussy and got up walking over to him. Sitting on the edge of his desk I make sure my skirt hikes all the way to the waist.

“I don’t know why you are doing this. Your grades are great.”

“Oh Sir I don’t need tutoring in that way. You seem my problem is I need practice. I want to practice sucking your hard throbbing cock.” I leaned forward and grabbed him stroking my hand over his pants as he closed his hand over mine like he would remove it. At that moment though I had wrapped my hands around the huge base of him and squeezed. 

“Please Sir, I’m so soaked for you.

I can’t stop thinking of you taking that hard cock and sliding it down my throat. Please I need the help.”

 He didn’t remove my hand just kept his wrapped around my wrist as I lowered his zipper sliding off his desk. He didn’t say anything as I got off the desk and knelt at his feet while saying this and then all he can say is “Oh god yessss” as I slide my young mouth over his straining hard cock. Oh, I love the power I have over him as I slide my mouth up and down him again and again. Sliding my mouth off of him I look right into his eyes his cock in my hand. “Please fuck me please Sir I’m soaked just from thinking of you in me all day.: 

I don’t think he could have moved in astonishment except I took my tongue and ran it around the head of him and got up and bent over the desk myself. It was obviously his first detention like this. Feeling his hands run over my ass he stands and slams deep into me. He took me hard and fast making me cum harder than I ever had before. It’s always the quiet ones that are the best. 

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