Savannah’s Cuckold Trophy Wife Meets Her BBC Lover Part Two

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I knelt and tugged the shorts off of that BBC. This cock was everything I’ve ever dreamed of because it’s thick, long, and about to fuck my brains out. This BBC was nothing like my cuckold trophy wife because I was face to face with a real man. Anthony’s cock was so hard, and It was leaking precum like crazy. He was getting rough. His grip on my hair tightened, and I was gagging on his cock like his good little cock slut.

I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and spit streaming down my face after being face fucked by his BBC. “Please, I need you to fuck me. Please!” I gasped and gagged because his BBC was still in my mouth. Anthony smiled at me, grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me up to his face. His strong arms pushed me back onto the bed and slipped his cock right inside of me. He filled me, and it felt so good I screamed. My little cuckold trophy wife was never able to satisfy me like this.

Anthony went slowly at first.

He teased me with that BBC. Slowly, he hit my g spot and grabbed onto my hips. He was so fucking deep. Every thrust of that cock drove me crazy. I started to buck my hips into him. This slut needed more. He smirked as he started going faster. I was moaning like crazy.

This was my first taste of black cock, and I would never forget it. I closed my eyes and felt his luscious lips and wet tongue on my nipples. He was sucking and fucking me with that BBC, and I was immersed in pure bliss. My pussy tightened, and I felt a gush as I came. It had been so long since I squirted. I forgot how amazing that release felt. My cuckold trophy wife could never give me half of the pleasure this BBC was.

What felt even better, was that Anthony wasn’t even close to done.

He was going to keep me cumming all night long. I stopped him and crawled on top of his massive frame. My pussy was so wet his BBC just slipped right in, and I rode him until I was ready to squirt all over his beautiful black cock all over again. I slowed down as my hips and thighs grew weak from cumming. Anthony took that as a sign to pick me up and put me face down.

He was going to fuck me doggy style in my cuckold trophy wife’s bed. I was shaking in pleasure as he slammed his BBC into me. He made sure I came once more as he filled me up with his cum. I could feel him completely fill me with his hot load. He must have been waiting for this for a while. 

I asked Anthony if he wanted a little surprise.

I told him to close his eyes so I could wave at the camera for my cuck to come out of his office. It was now time for him to put his tongue to work. My cuckold trophy wife got on his knees and cleaned the cum off of that big beautiful cock with his tongue. Anthony loved every second. I asked him to open his eyes.

His cock grew harder as soon as he realized who had cleaned it up. I laid on the bed and told my cuckold to clean my pussy because he did such a great job with Anthony. Now it was my turn. He slurped on my pussy like the good little bitch he was. No drop of cum was put to waste when my cuck cleaned it all up.

I looked up to see Anthony rubbing himself.

“Baby, are you ready for round two? My cuckold bitch can stay and watch us this time.”. That BBC spoke for itself when it started to glisten with precum. My cuckold trophy wife learned a lot that night.

He learned that my cuck trophy wife merely exists to make my money, clean my mess, and serve me. There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean house, with dinner almost ready as I lead in another black man to fill me with his load. If my bitch has been good, then we can have a taste of my dripping hole. He can slurp out every drop of my lover’s cum for dinner because that’s all he deserves.

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