Santa grabbed my hand as I slid it over his hard bulge straining against those red pants of his. 

“Come on please let me show you that sometimes naughty can be nice.” As I say this I press close to him my lips right below his, my tongue darting out to run over his lower lip, his beard tickling my face. 

“Oh River you should just take your coal and go to bed.” 

Laughing against his lips before kissing him I slide my hand into Santa’s pants. 

“If you really wanted me to stop you would have moved my hand but you didn’t. I think you want to be naughty too. Let me show you what a hot young pussy feels after so very long.” 

Moaning as I slide my hand around his hard cock inside his red velvet pants Santa’s lips descend on mine as he grabbed the robes sleeves and tugged it the rest of the way off me sharply revealing my lace nightie and the flashes of my skin begging for his touch. 

I expected him to be soft and tender. Instead he shoved me down after kissing my hard and shoved my face right where his cock strained his pants. 

“You want something besides coal this year you bad girl then you need to earn it.” 

Fuck I could feel my wetness dripping as I shoved his pants down and took him into my mouth. Running my mouth over his hard cock up and down again and again I feel him straining not to cum. 

“Maybe you can be a good girl after all. Get on your hands and knees and let me see that pretty pussy and ass in the air.” 

Wow I never expected Santa to be so rough as he grabbed my hair hard yanking me off his cock and turned me around. 

As I lowered my head and shoulders to the ground and lifted my butt in the air feeling the naked air against my wetness I feel him grab my hips roughly and slam deep into me. 

Oh my god he was fucking me. Hard and fast he buried himself in me again and again. No hesitation no gentleness as he pounded my pussy until I started whispering begging under him cumming hard. I could feel myself shattering under him trying not to scream and wake my family.

“Yes, please oh please fuck me yes!” 

“Get ready for your gift this year River. I’m going to fill you with my hot cum.” 

As he said this he went harder and faster making me shatter under him yet again as he fucked me hard. I could see the Christmas lights blinking around us as he came in me. Burying my face into the carpet trying not to scream yet again I felt him empty himself into me. I just had Santa take me like the whore I am right there on the floor. 

Feeling him pull out of me I lay there trying to breathe.

“Congratulations you may be right about being good at being bad, for that you’ll find something under the tree for you in the morning. Go to sleep River and Merry Christmas.”

At that I watched him shoot up the chimney and saw sparkling presents under the tree that were not there two minutes ago. One had a big red bow with the name River on it. Satisfied I let my eyes close and fell asleep right there.

I really hope you enjoyed part two! Don’t forget  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

If you like this story you should check out my previous blog. Party of my Woman on Woman Wet Dreams. 


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