Santa I knew Santa was coming tonight. I also knew I was only going to get coal from him. This year I’ve been so bad. I was a very naughty girl and knew there was no way he didn’t notice and check twice. As the rest of the family went to bed I laid down right in front of the Christmas tree. Maybe, just maybe I could give Santa a gift this year to change his mind. I just needed to show him that even a naughty girl deserved a treat. As I forced myself to drift off to sleep I enjoyed the feel of my lace nightie hugging my curves and hoped he liked red as much as he seemed to in the stories. I Made sure to wear it just for him, the red robe over it partially open.

When I startle awake a couple hours later I hear movement across the room. Looking up I see him. I can’t believe I really get to see him finally. His back was turned to me but there was no mistaking the red coat or hat. As he turned around I saw a cookie in his hand and wondered what else he might like with that sweet tooth. 

Trying to be quiet I sit up and look down making sure my red nightie was still hugging my curves just right. Satisfied I sit up and clear my throat. Startling and turning to me I see him. It’s really Santa and things in me tighten knowing I was about to try to seduce him. 

“River, you should be in bed young lady.” 

How bad is it knowing Santa knew me by sight! While most girls wanted him to come for his presents I wanted to know what gifts he really had under all those clothes. I’d always been attracted to older men and power and who better than Santa himself?

“Santa I know that I haven’t been that good this year but I was hoping I could convince you to move my name from the naughty list.” As I said this I stood up walking slowly over to him with my robe sliding the rest of the way open. As my nightie was fully revealed showcasing my curves and slim figure, the red lace barely covering anything really. I see his famous red cheeks go even redder as he caught sight of my hardened nipples. 

“ I want to convince you that I’m worth a lot more than some lump of coal.” As I said this my hand reaches out brushing against the obvious impressive bulge pressing against his baggy red velvet pants. Oh how things melted in me knowing the effect I had on this man. 

“River, I’m a married man this is the exact reason you are on the naughty list. You don’t know right from wrong. You have been a very bad girl this year.” Oh how wrong it is the thrill that went through me hearing Santa call me a bad girl.

I couldn’t wait to show him naughty could be oh so nice too.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of me playing with Santa . Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear if I make it on the nice list. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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