Ruby’s Breast Expansion Fantasy – Part 1

Who would have thought something like breast expansion would be in the works for me?! I certainly didn’t think this would happen but here I am telling you about it! It’s no secret that I have naturally small tits. Size 36A to be exact. For the most part I accepted this is just how my body is supposed to look. But deep down I don’t think I was truly happy. I didn’t go out searching for a solution. The “solution” kind of found me instead.

You see, there’s a new mystical shop in my small town. It seemed like it appeared out of nowhere. One day it wasn’t there then the next it was. I don’t usually go to places like that but I was so curious. Mainly because it seemed out of place being here in this tiny southern town. So I had to see for myself what it was really like inside. Little did I know what was to come. Although there was nothing “little” about it!

The shop itself was small but full of potions, incense, crystals, etc…

When I walked into the shop I didn’t see anyone inside. There was no one at the counter. I was amazed at everything I saw. There was a large area with bottles labeled as potions for various things. Potions for love, money… and breast expansion. Yes, really! It immediately caught my eye. I bent over to reach for it. When I grabbed it I heard a woman’s voice coming from behind me. I was startled and quickly turned around to say hello with the bottle still in hand.

The lady was dressed in black. She had a smile on her face and said hello back to me. “Welcome to my shop”, she said. I told her I thought the place looked really cool so I had to check it out. She laughed and thanked me. Then she noticed the potion in my hand. It’s not like I had anything to hide. I saw her glance at my small chest and then back at the bottle. “You want to try it, don’t you?”, she asked.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this woman was well-endowed. I could see her large breasts almost overflowing from the top of her black dress. Then she said “I wasn’t always this big… but I used the same potion which gave me these amazing results!” But of course I thought to myself “how is that possible?” but it was like she could read my mind. She knew I didn’t believe her but that’s when she did something that surprised me.

“I’m confident this magic potion will work for you too…. Try it free and see for yourself.”

Honestly I didn’t know what to say at first! With a surprised look on my face I said “You’ll really let me have this for free?” She laughed and said “Of course! I’ve been in your shoes before and would love to help.”

Well, I was unsure if I believed in magic but I was going to see for myself if the stuff really worked. So after leaving the mystical shop I hurried back home to try it. Still I was skeptical but believe me when I say that was all about to change.

Don’t wait until Thursday to read part two. Grab the audio instead!

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