Ruby Loves Ass Worship Part 1

What isn’t there to love about ass worship phone sex? When you have a jiggly round booty like mine then you should flaunt it! Not only that but I think my bum definitely deserves proper worshipping. How do you suppose we do that? By using your mouth of course! Your hands can be useful too but it’s your mouth I really want to feel against my gorgeous bum.

My “dirty ass pervert” enjoys being the throne that I sit on during our ass worship sessions. He makes me feel so nice when he swirls and flicks his tongue all over my pretty pink asshole. I press myself against his face. Putting all of my weight onto him because he loves being smothered. His face between my big jiggly cheeks with his tongue inside me is where he belongs! I could just sit on him for hours like this and I bet he wouldn’t mind. It must be like heaven for the dirty pervert!

This is exactly what we were doing last time he came over to my place. He was begging me to use him like a seat. How could I say no? He might have begged me a little too much though. I couldn’t just give him what he wanted without doing some teasing! So this time I was going to wear a cute pair of panties and a mini skirt. I was going to take my time before I felt the need to remove my clothes.

It’s really exciting to be licked and sniffed while my panties stay on.

First, I told him to take off his clothing. I like it when he’s completely naked and at my disposal. It’s also fun when I can reach over to play with his hard cock while I sit on his face. Anyway, the clothes came off and I commanded him to lie down on his back. He knows the position so well. As I said earlier, it is where he belongs.

Then I walked over to him and looked down into his eyes. With a smile I asked if he really missed partaking in ass worship with me. Immediately he started going on about how he thinks about my bum so much. He daydreams about it. Drooling over it in his mind. I giggled as he kept blabbing on. That was until I began to slowly crouch down over him and place myself on my “throne”.

Remember, my slutty mini skirt and panties were still clinging to my body. He was going to be smothered with just a thin barrier between his mouth and my fuck holes. Of course it was my asshole he was most desperate to sniff and lick. I could feel his nose nuzzling between my crack. I giggled and moaned as he rubbed his face against me.

He had a raging hardon while I kept smothering him.

I could see the precum beginning to form on the tip of his cock. My white girl booty was wiggling and jiggling while his tongue was fighting for a taste of my hot a-hole. The panty fabric was thin enough for him to get a small taste at least.

This is NOT where it ends! If you want to know what happens next then read part 2 this Thursday.

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