Roxanne finds a Rose ! 


A year later I’m in my apartment Lucy visits with a friend. To my surprise it’s Rose, sex club Rose. The kinky, dirty little Rose who took my virginity with her boyfriend. When our eyes met, an instant spark flickered between us. Rose walked towards me, kissed me on the lips and said “ Tom and I’ve been looking for you Roxanne”. Lucy stood there watching the two of us with a confused look on her face. I told Lucy I knew Rose very well. At that moment we could not control ourselves. Rose and I continued to kiss. I couldn’t get enough of her! We walked straight to my bedroom and started making out. Lucy followed us. Rose asked her if she wanted to play too. To my surprise she did. I always had a crush on Lucy but was sure she wasn’t into girls the way I am. 


The three of us layed in my bed taking off each other’s clothing, kissing one another. Rose looked at the massive wooden chest I had by the end of my bed. “What’s in your chest Roxanne”? I decided to show them. I opened my chest of pleasure. They were both in awe with all the dildos, vibrators, fuckable stuffies, oils, lubes and a handful of other naughty trinkets I had. I grabbed my purple vibrating dildo and told Lucy to lay down. Rose slowly slid Lucy’s panties off. She had a beautiful little blonde landing strip, with puffy lips, and a little pink jelly bean. Rose began eating her pussy. I took my toy using it to rub on Lucy’s clit while I was finger fucking her. She was so wet! Lucy came into Rose’s mouth. I wanted to taste Lucy off Rose’s lips.


Kinky Toyland 


I grabbed my strapon, shoving my tongue down Rose’s mouth. Laying her on my bed  missionary I slipped my rubber cock into her. ROXANNE! She shouted my name. The louder she was the harder I fucked her. Lucy moved her body behind mine wearing one of my kinky belts with a pink cock. She had me on all fours and began fucking me. I pulled out of Rose. I placed Rose’s legs around my face burying my face in her pussy. We played with every naughty thing I had to offer. The three of us laying in the aftermath of our juices sharing a kiss planning our next playdate.        

I hope you like my naughty story about my girl Roxanne. Don’t miss out on part 1 click here now on blogs and catch up

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