Roxanne what’s in that big wooden chest by the end of your bed? My friends always ask me that question when they come to visit. I go out of my way to keep people out of my room, having the nosey friends that I do that can be a challenge. Living alone as a 22 year old college student definitely has its ups and downs. I live off campus from the University. Being one of the lucky one’s I don’t need a roommate. I’m able to do it all on my own. I love privacy. You see I have a little secret that’s quite embarrassing. To play alone can be exciting. Still I wish I had someone just as open minded to have a little fun with! I am a toy addict! It’s not what you think! Roxanne can I see what’s in your chest? 


Lucy, one of my best friends, will always ask when she comes over. Of course I get bashful and tell her to stop being so nosey. Truth is I have so many sex toys, lubes, fuckable stuffies. Yes! Teddy bears with cocks that I can pounce on. I’ve always been seen as a good girl, Roxanne the little princess. In reality I’m a sex addict. I love cock, pussy, titties, ass, kissing, touching, playing in any kinky way that will make me cum over and over again. I started collecting dildos, hiding them in the very chest I have by the end of my bed. The cool thing about my chest is it has a false bottom. So I can hide my naughty treasures without having to share my kinks. Unless someone wants to partake, I’m always open to a little extra fun. 


Roxanne! How many dicks do you have?


Being on my own for once I’ve been able to explore all my sexual desires. I lost my virginity at a sex club I came across by pure accident. Walking in what I thought was just a dance club I saw so many naked beautiful bodies! I didn’t know how to react. My pussy had a mind of its own. I befriended a beautiful girl. She was a bit older than me. Her name was Rose. I told her my name is Roxanne. She asked if she could taste me. I sat on this big black chair as she kissed me. Her lips were sweet like cherries. My tongue wrapping around hers. I felt her hand go up my skirt. Before I knew it her head was between my legs, her mouth on my clit. I literally became a juice box in her mouth. 


She opened my legs wide, guiding her boyfriend’s big hard cock into my cunt. I didn’t fight it. He fucked me giving me my first cream pie. Unfortunately for me when I got the nerve to go again the club had recently been shut down! Walking home I came across a little shop on the corner. Its windows were tinted black, it said 21 to enter! Curiosity got the best of me as I went in dick was all around me. Big, small, pink, purple, black, fat, skinny, glass, even rubber ones. Roxanne was in dick heaven. I’ve never been to a sex shop before! My senses went crazy. Through the weeks I kept buying new toys. In the chest they would go. Daily I would play. Dildos in my pussy, vibrators on my clits, anal beads in my ass, cumming so much. I knew I was addicted!

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