I’ve been personally training this super hot chick Rayne for a couple of weeks now. We train in her hot garage and today was leg day. When I got there she wasn’t ready to train, she had just showered and was still in her towel. All I could think about was pinning her to the wall. I’m into rough sex and can tell she is also. 

She looked delicious and I wanted to taste her, but I was there to put her through a torturous leg session. 

She told me that she would be ready in two minutes. When she came out she had on a white sports top and matching skin-tight leggings. We began with stretching her out. I warned her that I was about to put her through one of the most grueling leg workouts she’s ever experienced. She begged me to please take an easy on her because she was still sore from our rough last session.

I stood behind her and instructed her to do 200 squats. Sweat began to cover her body. By squat number 75, she started to moan and grunt with every rep. As a result, her top was soaked through with sweat. You could see her hard pink nipples, my cock was getting hard. Starting to throb as I rubbed against her fine ass each time she went down for the squat.

My eyes couldn’t help but wander over to her pussy in the mirror that was in front of us. 

Trying to concentrate, I looked up and she made eye contact with me. It seems as though she caught me staring at her pussy. She could feel my dick throb against her fat ass. She likes it I can tell.  I tell her it’s time to really make her moan. Pinning her against the mirror,  I tell her that it’s time for her to pay for the session.  Knowing that I can have anything that I want from her at this moment, I grab her top and pull it down exposing those sweaty, hard nipples. I squeeze them and push them against the mirror, rubbing my cock on her ass. 

Flipping her towards me, I grab her by the neck with one hand and rub her pussy through her leggings with the other one.  I suck on her neck as she moans. My cock is throbbing and needs her wet mouth to soothe it, so I slip it out. Immediately she grabs it. I tell her to spit on her hand and to jack it off while she looks into my eyes. Of course, my cock is rock hard from making her submit to me. Instructing her to get down on her knees, I shove my hard cock down her throat and tell her to look at me.

I fuck her throat so rough that her eyes water from me gagging her with my cock.  Her head is pinned between the mirror and my cock as she swallows my whole shaft down her dirty little throat.

She begs for more of it and I tell her to stand up. Once again, I flip her against the mirror real rough putting her hands flat against it. Grabbing the seam of her leggings, I rip them right down the middle exposing her perfect tight ass. I grind my hard and ready cock right in-between those juicy ass cheeks. She begs me for my cock, but I tell her to stop begging.

I am in control and I’ll give it to you whenever I wish.

Not ready to give her what she wanted, I got down onto my knees, spread her ass apart, and spit right into her fat sweet ass.  Simultaneously licking my spit out of her tight asshole, my hand is sliding into her wet pussy hole. I am rubbing her clit and finger fucking that tight slit hard and deep, getting that pussy ready for my cock. 

Deciding that I am ready, I slip it in her wet pussy. With every hard thrust, I look at her in her eyes through the mirror. I tell her this is my fuck hole and I’m going to use it to cum. She starts to cum for me, causing me to go harder and deeper.  I command her to keep looking at me as my cock edges closer to shooting cum deep inside her wet snatch. Finally, I cum hard and deep inside of her. She has no idea what plans I have in mind for next week’s workout session.

Make sure you read her point of view!


Listen to this whole hot sweaty work out fuck session from us both

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