With the gyms closed, I hired a personal trainer that comes to my house and works me out in my garage. He is so hot and although I have fantasied about having rough sex with him many times he has ignored my flirting. So this time I had a plan. Intending to tempt him, I answered the door in nothing but a towel still wet and dripping. His eyes got big & hungry-looking, but for the most part, he ignored me. Telling me he would meet me in the garage, I went upstairs to find something tempting to wear. 


Walking into the garage in my all-white workout gear I watched his cock jump slightly. MMM perfect I have his attention. He was all business as he started to stretch me out. I watched him from the mirror as he bent my body in ways that ached deep in my muscles. Watching his perfect shoulders ripple as they moved. Once we were done stretching he barked the instruction 200 squats. 


His eyes moving up and down my sweaty body in the mirror, stopping on my nipples that were showing through my now wet white sports bra. 


Standing behind me to ensure my form, I made sure to rub my juicy peach shaped booty up against his body with every squat. At around squat number 100 I looked up into the mirror and made eye contact with him in the mirror. As a result, his dick throbbed against my ass. Suddenly, I was pinned against the mirror as he whispers that it’s time to really pay for the session. I couldn’t even think as his hands grabbed me. This was going to be rough just the way I liked. Pulling down my top to expose my nipples while he pinched them hard and my tight fuck hole started to drip. 


Grabbing me with his rough hands he turned me around to face him. 


Simultaneously, choking me with one hand and rubbing that fat wet pussy through my leggings. He started kissing and licking on my neck. I couldn’t contain the moans that escaped my lips. The more I moaned the harder he nibbled and sucked on my weak spot. My pussy was just begging to be fucked. His hard throbbing muscle jumped against my thigh. I could feel him pull it out and my 1st instinct was to grab it. 

He demanded that I lick my hand and jack his cock while looking him in the eye and I almost cam from his words. 

After just a few seconds of playing with his joystick, he instructed me to get down on knees and slammed his dick into my mouth. So deep and rough that tears came to my eyes. My mouth got as wet as my slit. Pinned against the mirror so I couldn’t pull back as he thrust harder and faster. Eventually, I started to beg him to fuck him, and he told me to stand up. Slamming me into the mirror with my titts pressed hard against it he rips my little white leggings straight off. Despite my begging him to stick his dick deep inside of me he got down on his knees and spread my pretty little asscheeks apart. 

Spitting straight into my tight little asshole, while sliding his fingers into my slippery cunt. 

He started licking and sucking my ass and my whole body convulsed with pleasure. I continued to beg, but his response was he was in control and would fuck me when he wanted. As a result, I was on the brink of cumming all over his finger. Finally standing up he and looking me straight in the eyes he shoved his dick deep down inside of me. The whole mirror shook with each thrust. Fucking me rough and taking control of my body I was almost ready to cum. 

Telling me it was his fuck hole sent me over the edge and I cam. 

My orgasm sent him there and he cam deep inside of me. Matching my orgasm. This was quite the workout. Panting and sweaty my body was shaking. All I could think about was what was going to happen next workout, and would I have to wait a whole week. 

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Part 2 is his point of view you can hear this hot sweaty workout session take place from both of us.
















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