Rough Sex –  Courtney Asked For His control and Loved It!  (Fantasy story) – Part 1

We all know that I’m a very naughty barely legal girl. Even though I’ve had a bit of experience from my encounters in the past, there are still so many thoughts and fantasies I think about that I would just love to try.  What is on my mind this morning as I sit here stroking and rubbing my clit, is the idea of my hot neighbor making me fuck him. He would have my permission of course, but still – I want to have some really rough sex. I just love the idea of him forcing his way on me and making me take his cock like it’s the last cock I’ll ever take. 

Have I done something like this yet? Absolutely not, but there is a first time for everything, right? I can already just imagine how everything would go and turn out.

The idea for the scene is that I show up to my neighbor’s house in a tight black dress that really shows off my figure. I would have on a pair of fishnet stockings and a pair of heels to complete my outfit. 

My make up would be all sexy and seductive, and I’d pull my blonde hair back into pigtails. I would look sexy, but also I would still have that way of innocense about me, you know? 

My pussy is so wet, thinking about this fantasy!

Making my way over, I’ll try to look confident and sure of myself. That way I’ll come off as someone who really went there to get what she was looking for. 

The plan was to knock on the door, hopefully catching him by surprise. I mean, I pretty much knew his schedule and his life habits by this point.  I knew the perfect moments to work my magic.

He would open the door, with a look of surprise and shock. There would also be no doubt that he was happy to see me. I would ask if I could come in while stepping into his living room anyway, and things would just escalate and go from there. 

I know he would be a bit confused and taken back as to why I would just allow myself into his house like that, especially because he barely knew me.  After a few minutes, and a few subtle hints, he would eventually realize that I was here for some fun, but not the kind of fun we usually had.

We were both in for a surprise!

I would move closer to him, teasing him with my kisses and touches. Tormenting him, I would make him want me more and more until he absolutely had to have his way with me. 

My teasing him would get him more and more worked up, causing his cock to throb and get hard. It would become impossible to resist me as I continued to drive him crazy.  He would want me so much that he would begin to lose all control.  The only thought in his mind will be that he has to have my pussy, and he has to have it NOW!

At this point, it would be perfectly clear that I had him right where I wanted him.  He would be all hot and turned on, craving my body. My teasing did exactly what I had planned.  Although, I  would have no idea the of the rough sex that was to come!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my rough sex story!

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