Rough Sex – Courtney Asked For His Control and Loved It! (Fantasy story) – Part 2

So last time we left off, I was explaining my latest rough sex fantasy which involves my hot neighbor taking control of me and forcing himself on me, with my permission of course. Let me tell you, getting him all worked up teasing him was so much fun. We were both just loving it so much. 

Now at this point, his cock would be throbbing and he wouldn’t be able to resist me, of course. Me, being the young tease that I am, I would do whatever I could to make it harder for him to get to me! At this point, he would be so hard, he would start getting a little aggressive. Not getting what he wanted was getting him frustrated. I would begin to slowly tease him with my tits while I began to take my top off, making him inch closer to me.  This is where he would reach out with his hands to pull me into him. 

At this point, I would say, “ I think you know what I want, make me your filthy slutty bitch.”

Without hesitation, he would force me down, pin me down to the bed while he climbed on top of me.  While spreading my legs wide open, he would shove his cock inside of me. 

I loved the feeling of his cock,  but I also screamed and cried from the pain.

He would fuck me so hard, to the point where I would have tears coming down my face, but it would feel so good and amazing for both of us. Forcing me to be quiet, he would continue to fuck my pussy. After a while, he would take his cock and slip it into my asshole, to change things up. 

While moaning as loud as I could, even screaming at times, his cock would fill my tiny little asshole. The pain would just get harder and harder as he began to speed up. Eventually, he would switch to my pussy again while I’m still pinned down, just being forced to take it and take it. 

Putting my legs up, he would bury his cock deep inside of me.

Then, he would get ready to shoot his cum deep inside me, maybe even getting me pregnant. 

He would say, “Are you going to be a good little girl and take my cum?”  I would of course listen, and make sure he knew that he was in charge.

Using all of his weight, he would bury his cock as deep as he could inside me. While he fucked me as hard as he could, I would scream and cry as he kept telling me to take it and take it.

He would fill me up with his cum, and then release me. We’d lay there for a few minutes catching our breath realizing what we had both just done. 

Now, this rough sex fantasy, it’s a fun one for sure, but if you really want to know what happened and what I really think about, why not check out the audio. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed this rough sex blog.  If you missed part 1, make sure you check it out!

If you want to hear about it in explicit detail, you should check out my audio blog!


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