Roommate Plus Best friend = Tuscany Romance

Roommate plus best friend equals Tuscany Romance. I always wanted to go to Tuscany and knew that there were plenty of sights and food I wanted to try. Me, my friends and my brothers friends all decided to go on a trip to Tuscany two summers ago. I love the Italian country side  I love the Italian country side. Getting ready for the trip we wanted to make sure there was enough room and space for everyone. I had been saving up for month and got my best friend Holly to come along with Jennifer and Emily. So two rooms for the four of us and the two friends my brother my friend invited made seven of us. Standing in line at the airport was no joke.

It was irritating and very defeating.

TSA I will say can get super handsy, as soon as the tall middle age bald guy saw me I saw the intention in his eyes to  touch me. Soon as a step through with my flip flops up to the check table he gave me a big grin and told me to take off my flip flops and handbag. He asked if I had any weapons, aerosol or metal objections that would upset the detector? I said no, as I put my flip flop and messenger bag in the bin and stepped up to the large body scanner. Of course it beeped loudly. Asking me to step over to the pat down area and motioned for me to put my hands up. Starting at my ankles he caressed me nice and slow while whispering how soft my skin felt.

He wanted to be absolutely gentle

Wearing my comfortable baby blue mini dress on, I felt every part of his gloved touch. Spanking my bottom twice, he wanted to be through. He took his time and lingered at my lower region Evening taking time to smell my neck while helping me remove my ‘Angel’ necklace whispering in my ear that “I smell so good.” Finally letting me go after I went through the body scan with no beeps or hick ups. As we were sliding through it I noticed that my roommate Holly was not there. Just as I got through TSA I received a text from her saying that she could not make it and asked can her room and flight be refunded. Disappointed and anxious I didn’t want to be in a roommate in a Italian villa by myself. We got to Italy 12 hours later and was so tired from the trip.

Exhausted I flung myself on the bed.

Taking a nap on the top sheet the rest of the party head off to an late lunch in which I was promised an tomato, prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. Daylight seemed to last forever here. Coming back from the hours later I met them at the quaint bar next to the villa. Jennifer and Emily were gushing about all the amazingly hot men that served them. Emily remarked about a tall dark and handsome who was just my type. I could see Justin, one of my brothers friends who matched that description look at me and smirk. Justin wasn’t an ordinary friend to my brother. Puberty hit him hard, in a good way. Been around our family since they were 5 years old. kid next door. So there is no way he can have a crush on me right? Well his eyes said differently….


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