Roommate+ Best friend = Tuscany Romance Contd

Roommates plus best friend equal romance in Tuscany. Finding a cute club to go dancing at our first night in Italy was not a challenge, picking one was. Reading beforehand I noted that this was the place where pleasure was indulgenced and appreciated. They do not go-go like we  do in America. If you want to do it here, do it. Might even jump naked into an fountain. It should be okay as long as it is not one of the important ones. Enjoying loud but upbeat music they played everything, from Italian slow jazz songs to 90s hip hop to Brazilian salsa music it was amazing. Dancing on my friends under colorful light I felt like such a seductive tease. The guys periodically got up and dance with one of the gorgeous woman there but Justin was different.

He wanted me and I knew it

Sit dancing occasionally if he liked the sound but he never took has glaze off of me. Curious, I motioned him over with my fingers and mouthed come dance with me. Slowly he got up and instead of taking my hands he wrapped his around my body pulling me in close. “Whispering is this what you want?” His lips gentle caressed my face. Wrapping my hand around his neck and another at his back we began to sway to samba music. Red, orange and yellow lights did show magnificent show as grinded on each other to the music. Our legs and genial part intertwined he half dipped me kissing my neck down to my breast.

His hands went lower, as the lights got blue and dim

Slipping underneath my panties. he tickled my clit with his fingertips. Moaning softy into his ear I began to rub my hands on the front of his pants. Surprisingly his dick was strongly protruding through his dress pants. Playing my pussy like a piano on my pussy he began to slip his middle finger and index finger inside of me. It made me want to cum all over his finger tips. He keep edging me back as soon as I made an ounce of noise. Gracing gripping his hand around my throat every time I made a loud noise. Edged me some much by the time I came on his fingers it was running down my leg.

He dick was so hard, it was hard to hide.

Seeing that my brother was itching to hook up with this obviously older but still wildly attractive women we immediately head back to the villa. Splitting off into our rooms me and Justin rushed into mine and closed the door. Not being able to wait I got on my knees and forced his slacks down to his ankles. Beginning to suck his engorged dick, he stepped out of his pants while I deep throated that monster. While holding my head. we both pause when we hear a knock at the door. Not expecting cause I am half dress I open the door just enough to peer my head out. Emily was at the door asking did I need anything. Smiling I felt Justin come behind me and started to kiss and lick my ass.  Trying to control my facial expression she continue to ask if I wanted to bunk with her and Jennifer instead hoping I’d get my money back.

The thrill turned us on

Insisting I was fine, she turned to leave just as Justin glided his dick into my pussy. Starting to close the money she turned around and asked have I seen Justin? Rolling my eyes in the back of my head from the pleasure I cut my eye to him. Fixating my face, I told her he was there past out from too much alcohol and the it was okay.  Eyebrow raise and a shrug she walked off. Moaning he said my ass was amazing and he wanted to put his dick in it. Getting on the bed and spreading my butt cheeks for him, he stood and put himself completely into me. It felt good as I arched my back and he locked my elbows together. We changed positions to me being on top bouncing on his dick while sucking on my nipples. We came together repeatedly until morning.

A true Tuscan romance began, with the brother’s best friend from next door

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