Rhiannon’s Secret Cum Fetish – Part Two


Where were we? Oh, that’s right. I was telling you about my secret cum fetish. Why is it a secret though, you may ask. Because if everyone knew how much I love to be doused in cum, I’d be a very busy girl, wouldn’t I? When we left off, your cock was nice and deep in my sweet little mouth. Don’t forget to check out Part One right here. It makes this whole reading thing a bit easier, babe.


Your cock is nice and hard in my cute, tiny, mouth and I’ve pulled you close to me so that I can gag on it. Fuck, I want you to cum. It’s all I can think about now and it’s so, so close. I can tell. While I’m gagging on your dick, my right hand finds its way to your balls. They are so full. They’re also so slippery from my saliva running down your shaft. This makes them so much more fun to play with and grope while I suck your dick. 


Suddenly,  I hear louder moans from you. Your mouth is open wide, your head is back and you’re looking so exquisitely pleasured. With that, I take your cock from my mouth and continue to slide my hand up and down your meat as an eruption of semen comes forth and splashes across my face. My nose, lips, cheeks, and chin are absolutely covered.


I fucking love it.


My fingers find themselves on my face and I’m open-mouthed and moaning, myself. The hot, sticky, mess on my face is being dragged into my mouth and I absolutely adore the way you taste. You’re fascinated by the way I lick your seed off of my fingers, and I can tell a little turned on too. While you watch me, I notice how intrigued you are. So, I tell you that I want you to collect the last bits of semen from my face and finger me with it.


Your face lights up. I am, after all, your dirty little cumslut  and I want your fingers deep inside my pussy, covered in your cum. With that, I lie down on my bed for you. I’m only wearing panties and a tank top, so you find moving the adorable little panties to the side will give you the easiest access. My pussy is dripping wet. The moisture from my wetness clings to my folds as you spread my pussy lips apart with your cum-covered fingers. When you insert your fingers, my moans fill the room.


As you pump them in and out of me, your thumb wandering to my clit, I can’t hold back any longer. It’s all too much – the cum, your touch, everything! I orgasm. It’s the sort where my back arches and my hands search for blankets to grasp onto and it is so fucking good.


After my orgasm, I look up at you and smile. 


Still smiling, I grab your wrist and pull your fingers from my cum-drenched pussy. My tongue extends out and I lick the remaining semen, as well as my own wetness from your fingertips. 


Well, handsome, I hope you keep my cum fetish a secret. This can just be between the two of us or maybe a third for next time? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a friend of yours drench me in his cum as you fuck me from behind? Ooooh. The thought of that just gets me all excited again, but it will definitely have to wait.


Until next time, handsome.







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