Rhiannon’s Secret Cum Fetish – Part One


Hey, handsome! It’s been a bit since my last blog. I hope you enjoy this fantasy of mine that involves you, myself, and a lot of cum. It should be no surprise that I absolutely love semen, jizz, cum, spooge. Whatever you want to call it, it’s my jam. I love to be covered in it, filled with it, and to guzzle the fuck out of it. If you’d like to hear more, keep on reading. You won’t be disappointed!


It became apparent to me the first time I had sex with a man that I was really into cum. I wanted to play with it, have it coat my fingers before I tasted it on the tip of my tongue. From there, it’s become what I’d call a hardcore fetish for me, and I want you to fucking cover me in it. How will we get  there though? Well, my dear. That’s definitely the fun part.


I can’t wait to be drenched in your jizz. Will you help to satisfy my urge?


My favorite place to play, especially right now, is in my pretty pink bedroom. I know you can picture it. Well, I’d hook my finger in the collar of your shirt, looking back and throwing you a mischievous grin or two, before we get into my bedroom. Quickly, I shut the door behind us because we wouldn’t want to be disturbed at all. This isn’t an exhibtionism fantasy, after all. It’s about how much I want your cum.


In front of you, I drop to my knees, my hands caressing up your legs and to your crotch. I want to feel your cock through the fabric of your pants, watch it get harder with my touch until it’s practically bursting through the zipper. With a sly giggle, I unzip your pants, unfasten the button, and pull your pants down your thighs, along with your underwear. The action is deliberately slow – I love to tease, but I always follow through.


As I slide your garments down, I get a nice face full of your throbbing dick. My clit tingles a bit while I stare at your cock and take in its perfection. I look up at you and tell you, “That’s going to be inside of me. I fucking want it to so badly.” But where inside of me?


It looks like we’re going to have to find out. 


With a gentle motion, my left hand finds itself on the base of your cock. It’s not there for long, really, because I want to feel the length and girth of your member in my palm, between my fingers – everywhere. At this point, I also need it in my awaiting mouth, so I grab your thighs just above your knees, to pull you closer to me. The head of your cock penetrates beyond my luscious lips and into my sweet little mouth.


My tongue encircles the head of your dick because I very much want to feel and taste you all over my tongue. It’s so hot; having your cock in my mouth, and my tongue dashes down the length of your shaft before I take as much of it in my facial fuckhole as possible. Gagging, I grab your hips and hold you in place. I want to gag on you. Let me do it. 


And here we’ll pause, waiting for Part Two! I know. I know. We were just getting to the good part! If you can’t wait to hear how you make me into a cummy little mess, you can always buy the audio right here


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Until next time, my handsome lover.






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