Rhiannon’s Purrrfect Kitten Play Fantasy – Part Two


Hello again! I hope you enjoyed Part One of my fantasy. If you need a refresher, it’s right here for your reading pleasure. I’m loving sharing this with you! You see, I definitely have a soft and submissive side. It just takes the right man to bring out the purrfect kitten in me. Where were we? Oh yes… let’s continue!


I blink my eyes as you chuckle, not knowing what to expect next. Though, I must admit you seem happy, which makes me happy as well. To show you my happiness, I knead the carpet with my long, pointed nails. You are so amused with me! I can tell because you take my chin in your hand, hold me in place and look me directly in the eye as you tell me, “You’re such a good little kitten. But no kitten is complete without her very own tail.” 


A tail! Oh my goodness!


But where will I keep the tail, I wonder to myself. As if by magic, you seem to know exactly what I’m thinking. “Let me show you, my spoiled little kitten! Let me show you how to wear this tail.” I smile again. My Master is so good to me! Your hands glide to the small of my back, and with a gentle motion, you turn me about so that my curvaceous little rump is facing you. Without warning, I feel the heat of your breath between my ass cheeks. Mmmm. It feels so good to have you so close by. Your large hands are on my cheeks, spreading them apart, and before I know what’s going to happen next, I feel the slippery warmth of your tongue gliding over my asshole.


It’s so purrrfect. My little mouth parts as a moan escapes. I’m loving it! Your tongue continues to work around and into my little anal ring, parting the flesh with its tip. It stretches out a bit as your oral muscle flicks and laps, causing me to shiver all over. Suddenly, there’s a cold spot on my asshole as I feel it stretch around an object much larger than the tip of your sweet tongue. I begin to wriggle, and you shush me, petting my backside to keep me still.


The pain is light, but also feels so, so good as my asshole stretches around the plug.


I moan loudly when the fullness of the metal object completely enters my ass. It’s exquisite and unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. My hand reaches backward towards my rear and catches the long, fluffy, tail, now dangling between my ass cheeks and onto the floor. Its soft fur tickles my fingertips. You rise from the couch, and walk towards the kitchen. I hear the refrigerator door open and close, as well as the pouring of liquid. “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” you call. On my hand and knees I make my way into the kitchen, my new tail dragging on the floor behind me, tugging at the tender flesh of my asshole. 


Before me is a bowl of ice cold milk, and with a purr, I extend my tongue into the creamy liquid, lapping at it happily. I am so very, very loved and spoiled. 


Thank you for reading my kitten play fantasy! I would love to live this out with you. If you enjoyed it, take a peek at the audio right here


Until next time.





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