Rhiannon’s Purrrfect Kitten Play Fantasy – Part One


Hey there, handsome. I’m thrilled to know that you’re reading my blog! If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that I’m a surprisingly kinky little thing, but if this is your very first time, well, you’ll need to prepare yourself a bit and keep an open mind. A kink I’ve wanted to come to life lately is pet play. That’s right – I want to curl up in your lap, have you rub between my ears, and have you call me your good little kitten. I hope you enjoy this fantasy of mine, as it’s something near and dear to my heart.


I’ve always wanted to be your purrfect little kitten. While I can be a rough and tumble FemDom, sometimes I want to be babied and lavished with attention. However, I can’t be your kitten babydoll without the right attire! What would my owner dress me in? Should I be completely naked, or a little more covered up? That’s definitely for you to decide, and I’ll leave that to your imagination. Whatever you choose to dress me in, whether it’s sexy and oh so very slutty, or nothing at all, I’m yours to do with as you please. 


Mewing, I stare up at you from the floor and blink my beautiful, blue, eyes.


When your hand reaches down to show me affection, I nuzzle it with my cheek, feeling the roughness of your hand in contrast to my soft little cheek. “Good kitten,” you tell me, and I begin to purr softly. You move a strand of my long black hair behind one of my ears and tell me how beautiful I am. Crawling, on my hands and knees, I lie at your feet. 


I feel your hands on my back, smoothing over soft flesh, so warm, so rough, but so very gentle too. Then you stand and walk down the hallway, your heavy feet stomping their way into the bedroom. You emerge from the bedroom and make your way back down the hall and to me. Excitedly, I pace and back and forth on my hand and knees. What do you have in store for me? I must know! Curiously, I nose at your ankles before you playfully push me away. One of your hands pats me lovingly on the head, while your other hand shows off the most purrfect of presents. 


The headband slides through my raven locks and leaves two pointed kitty cat ears upon my head. They are so cute! Thanking you, I rub my face against your shin frantically. With a loving laugh, you hold me by my shoulders, stopping me from rubbing my face against you. My lips fall to a pout. Does my Master not want my love? I crumble to your feet, pouting. “Oh, my sweet little kitten,” you tell me, “I’m done making you adorable.” 


With that, my pouting ends and I’m perked up, looking up at you with giant blue eyes.


From behind your back you produce a length of black ribbon with a bell. Smiling, I reach outward with a pointed fingernail and watch the bell shake back and forth. Its high-pitched jingle fills the room. I am overjoyed! A little bell collar and my own personal set of lovely pointed ears. What more could a sweet little kitty cat want from her owner? You laugh deeply, letting me know there’s still more to be had.


To be continued. . .


I’m loving being your little kitten! I hope you are too, and if you can’t wait for part two, be sure to check out the full length audio of my personal fantasy. It’s right here. If you’re enjoying me being a bit more submissive, check out my Trueblood Fanfiction, where a vampire leaves me a dripping mess. 


Until next time, handsome.





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