Rhiannon’s Magic Masturbation Spell to Bring Back Spring – Part Two


Oooh! I’m so glad that you came back to read more. If you need a refresh of where we are, be sure to check out Part One. Let’s just go ahead and dive right in, okay?


With silent steps, I walk through my home before arriving at my back patio door. The rain is still falling, and the sky is completely cloudy. Determined to cast this magic spell and bring back spring, I slide the door open and step onto the little slab of cement that is my back patio. I look at the green grass in my backyard and how the little drops of rain cling to each blade. Yep, I’m about to get wet in more ways than one. 


Confidently, I step onto the soaked grass as the rain showers onto my naked flesh. It’s so cold! My whole body shivers as the little droplets run down my body. The rain clings to my nipples, causing them to harden into little points. Looking around the yard, I search for the perfect place to lie down and begin my magic masturbation spell.


Eventually, I find a spot next to a reddish-colored maple tree and take a seat. 


The chilly blades of grass sting my goosebumped flesh as I lie back. Fat raindrops continue to fall from the sky and cling to my curves, my face, and my hair. They’re like cool, wet, kisses, and I imagine them as such as I spread my legs. My fingers run down my stomach, stopping at my pussy mound, which is free from hair. With that, I part my folds, feeling the slick juice on my fingertips. I am so wet and ready. As the rain continues to pour, I find my clit and rub it between two of my fingers. Magical or not, it feels amazing!


My fingers continue to rub my clit, my breaths coming faster and faster. I forget that I’m lying in my backyard, naked, in the cool, wet, grass. All I can sense is my own touch and how amazing it feels. As my pleasure mounts, my mouth parts and I moan softly. “Solis, Solis, Solis!” I chant as I orgasm and buck my hips against the ground. Though the spell is done, I can’t help but want to continue feeling the friction on my little clit. Staring upward at the sky, I continue to masturbate, moaning loudly. Suddenly, I realize that the clouds have parted.


Did my magic spell work?


Writhing in the grass, I cum again. My eyes are clamped shut, but suddenly there’s a bright light. The bright rays of the sun peek through the raining clouds and cast themselves upon my nude form. With a bright smile, I bring my sticky, wet, fingers to my lips and suck my sweet nectar from them. As I move to stand, the damp grass clings to my body. I do my best to brush it off, and begin to wring out my hair. The sun feels so warm on my naked skin. I have brought back the spring! Well, at least for an afternoon.


I hope you enjoyed this fantasy! I know that I enjoyed writing it. Be sure to check out the audio in our shop, and don’t forget to check out my store as well. If you buy anything from my store, it comes with free minutes on a call with me! 


Until next time.





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