Rhiannon’s Magic Masturbation Spell to Bring Back Spring – Part One


Why, hello again! I always get so excited when you read my blog. It gives you little glimpses into my life, my fantasies, and lets you know that I think of yours, too. Are you tired of winter yet? I know that I am so ready for spring that I can almost hear the little birdies chirping, smell the flowers. Mmm. However, we’re not quite there yet. In Portland it’s been so cold and rainy, but it’s given me such a wonderful idea. You see, I was wondering what I could personally do to hurry spring along and came up with a plan! A little sexy magic never hurt anyone, and there is so much magic to behold when a woman masturbates. Truly! So, feel free to join me as I rub and finger my pussy to bring in the spring.


The rain drops are fat and loud as they hit my window one after the other. Watching the rain is a lovely passtime, but I certainly do miss the sun. I suppose you need rain to make everything green and beautiful, but I can’t help but think it’s time spring to be here. With a big sigh, I flop onto my queen-sized bed and stare up at the ceiling. What can I do to entice the spring sun to make an appearance?


Pondering my choices, I suddenly remember that I was given an old book for Christmas that might have an answer.


Excitedly, I get out of bed and make my way to my bookshelf. The binding is old and tattered, so it’s very easy to find. It’s a heavy book, I think to myself as I thumb through its pages. Finally, I come to a chapter that has exactly what I need: Weather Spells. It shouldn’t be any surprise that I was gifted with an old spell book. The person who gave it to me didn’t think it was real, but I have more hope and imagination than that!


I read the spell aloud to myself, “This spell will chase any rainy day away. All you need to do is, strip naked in green grass. Once you are comfortable, spread your legs and present your divine femininity. Use your fingers to call forth the sunshine. Then chant, ‘Solis. Solis. Solis’ as you reach your climax.” Hmm. It seems easy enough, and what’s the harm if it doesn’t work?


The damn Groundhog didn’t help this year, but maybe a little masturbation magic from Rhiannon will.


With that, I shut the book and put it back onto the shelf. Without hesitation, I begin to strip my clothes from my body. My shirt slides over my head quickly and easily; the pants are the same. Soon, I’m standing in front of my tall bookshelf in just my bra and panties, listening to the sounds of the rainstorm overhead. I can’t wait to make it warm and sunny. They say cunts are magical, well, I hope fingering and playing with mine does just the trick.


To be continued. . .


I hope you’re enjoying this little fantasy of mine! It’s so much fun to write about. If you can’t wait to see what happens next, be sure to check out the audio right here. If you’re loving the thought of me touching myself, you’ll want to check out my GFE Blog. Hehe. 


Until next time!





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