Rhiannon’s Breeding and Pregnancy Fetish Fantasy – Part Two


Hey there, handsome. Nice to see you back again! I bet you couldn’t wait to see how this little breeding fantasy ended, could you? Oooh. You’re such a naughty little pervert and I absolutely love it! If you missed part one, you’ll want to catch up. Now, back to being your sexy little breeding bitch. 


Once you’re on the bed, I feel your strength as you flip me onto my stomach. The head of your cock drags between my ass cheeks before settling right outside my pussy, teasing me. I can’t say that I really like to be teased and denied, and I’m sure you realize this, hearing my soft whining as you watch my body twitch. My pussy hungers for that thick and throbbing cock of yours; I want it so badly. 


To show you how badly I want you inside of me, I wriggle my ass, forcing the head of your cock slightly into my awaiting pussy. Your hands are on my ass cheeks, holding them apart, showing off the cleft of my twat to you. The tips of your fingers dig into the tender flesh of my posterior, showing me exactly who’s the boss at this particular moment.


“Breed me,” I beg. “Fill my pussy with your cum and put a baby in my belly.”


At this point, you no longer seem interested in teasing me with your dick. It slides between my cunt lips perfectly, slickly, and deep inside of my pussy. Your pelvis slaps against my ass cheeks as over and over, I feel you plunge in and out of me. I love the way you fill me up and bottom out in me, even from this angle. One of your large, strong, hands grabs a fist full of my raven-colored hair, pulling my head back as you bring your chest closer to my back. 


I feel my pussy start to pulsate and flutter around your dick. I’m orgasming so hard, trying to milk your cock – wanting to pull that baby batter from your balls and into me. I continue to cum, bucking my hips as well as I can, feeling your hot breath in my ear as you utter a single word, “Mine.”

I lose all control again. Being yours, being your breeding bitch, is my biggest fantasy, my most heartfelt desire. My pussy clamps around your cock and your moans are breathtakingly hot as I feel that hot load of cum fill my pussy. Your body collapses on mine and you release your grip on my tangled tresses before getting up and slapping me on my ass.


We know the drill – I’m not to move for at least an hour after you fill me with your seed. My pussy has to rest.


I lie there, face down on the bed. The coolness of my comforter presses against my cheek as I imagine your sperm swimming through my insides and making their way to my egg. It may sound so clinical, but when I picture it, it’s pure magic. This time, I hope the little spark of life happens within my womb, stretches it out and makes me into a totally sexy, milk-titted, mommy.


I hope you enjoyed my breeding and pregnancy fetish fantasy! Be sure to check out the audio version, as well as other audios that I sell, right here. If you ever want to have me record an audio especially for you, I’d be thrilled to do so. Just shoot me over an email at Rhiannon@phonesextemple.com to work out the details.


Until next time.





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