Rhiannon’s Breeding and Pregnancy Fetish Fantasy – Part One


Hey there, handsome. Some time ago I revealed that I have a cum fetish. I love to taste it, smell it, feel it. Mmm. Just thinking about it makes my pussy wet! I’m also a switch by nature, so I like to dabble at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to domination and submission. With that in mind, it made me think of the ultimate domination (at least from my point of view): breeding. That’s right – I also have an intense breeding fetish. So, get your cock out, and forget the condoms! It’s time to get knocked up.


Sometimes, I enjoy standing in front of my full length mirror without a stitch of clothing on and staring at my own body. I love my hips and how wide they are. My hands find themselves stopping on the widest part of my hips and I turn to the side, admiring the curvature of my own ass as well. Slowly, my hands settle on my stomach, and I imagine what it would look like if it were swollen and round, with a little human growing inside. 


Being pregnant would be so amazing! My tits, normally a smallish C cup, would swell far beyond their normal size and spill out of my bras. They would look so plump and yummy before they would fill up with milk. Still standing in front of my mirror, I reach between my legs to feel the folds of my already wet and dripping pussy.


The tips of my fingers easily slide up to my clit and I use my own pussy juice as lubricant for my fingers to slide back and forth over the little pleasure nub.


Thinking of you breeding me has made me so hot and horny! My mind runs wild, imagining the child growing in my womb, changing my body, and turning me into a hot little mommy. Suddenly, I hear my door squeak open and you’re standing there, watching me play with my own clit in front of the mirror. To my surprise, you don’t question me, or say anything, really. Not at all. You simply stand there, biting your bottom lip as you curiously watch me be in charge of my own pleasure. 


“Do you want to know what I’m thinking about as I play with my pussy?” I ask you. You don’t give a verbal answer, but it’s obvious you’re wanting to know, as you push past the door and enter the room. I can see the outline of your erection through your pajama pants, and instantly I want that thick cock inside of me.


Hungrily, I walk towards you and pull your head down to mine. Our lips lock, our tongues intertwine with one another, and you’re walking me towards the bed as you slide the pajama pants down your lower body, taking your boxers with them. 


My bare ass is caressed by the bed comforter, and I giggle playfully.


“Well, I was thinking about being your sexy little breeding bitch and becoming a hot mommy,” I continue. “And it made my pussy so wet that I had to play with it right there.”


You smile, crawling up on the bed. Your cock is thick and full of blood and I can see just how much you enjoyed hearing that I wanted to be your little breeding bitch. 


To be continued. . .


I hope you’re enjoying my breeding fetish fantasy! I get all riled up writing about these things, and if you are also all riled up, you’ll want to check out my audio of this fantasy. It’s right here for your listening pleasure.


Also be sure to check out my Cum Fetish Blog. It really adds to the overall experience!


Until next time.





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