Rhiannon Wants to Get Down, Dirty, and Bloody – Part Two


Reading Part One will make this so much easier, handsome. It’s right here. Now, let’s get bloody.


Where did I leave off? Oh yes, your fingers were plunging into my bloody snatch. Flecks of dried blood cover your skin along with the especially gooey bits of clot. I look up at your blood-covered face and can’t help but think you look so primal, so delicious and sexy. Because I can’t take it any longer, I sit up, your fingers still inside of me, and kiss your lips.


Fuck. The taste of my coppery blood is all over your mouth, your face. It’s exquisite! There’s a little lump of blood clinging to your lip, so I run my tongue over your mouth and take the clot into mine. I love this exchange of fluids, of power.


It gets me so hot. 


Now that I’ve had my own pleasure, I can’t leave you out. No, no, no. As much as you love devouring my gory cunt, you need something from this too. My smile is saccharinely sweet as I reach my hand between my legs, covering my own fingers in the crimson juice that spilled from my insides – you are in for such a treat, handsome. Your cock is erect from the excitement from earlier, so I stroke my bloody hand up and down your shaft, covering your member in the sticky, dark, mess.


I love jerking you off with my blood. Watching your cock twitch as the blood dries against your flesh gets me so, so wet. I need you to fuck me right now. With a quick movement, I’m on my knees, ass up in the air. You can see my raw and sanguine twat. It needs your cock so very badly, and I ask for you to fuck me. 


There is little time for me to prepare to be fucked by you, and I moan deeply when your cock penetrates me. With a little whimper, I feel your fingertips dig into my fleshy hips and pull me so very closely to you. Fuck. You are in so deeply. Every time you pull out, the blood oozes down my pussy lips. Your dick must be absolutely covered in my sweet coppery blood. The sound of your hips clapping against my ass fills the room, and I can’t help but cum.


The smell of my blood along with your deep strokes into my cunt send me over the edge.


I start to move my body to keep up with your thrusts, backing my ass up against your dick more and more quickly. You need to explode in my pussy. My need of your cum, mixed with my period blood would be the ultimate fetish come true! “Fucking cum for me,” I tell you. “Please cum for me. I wanna feel it run down my thighs along with my blood.” 


With a grunt, I feel your body tense up. Your fingers dig so deeply into my hips; it hurts but feels so good. Mmmm. You’re cumming right in me, babe. A nice healthy load right in my bleeding snatch. It’s so perfect. So amazing. Thank you for giving it to me.


Mmmm. That concludes my blog about my menstrual fetish. I really hope you enjoyed getting dirty and bloody with me! Please check out the audio of this fantasy right here. Don’t forget that I also do custom audios as well, and am happy to discuss content and pricing if you email me: Rhiannon@phonesextemple.com


Until next time.





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