Rhiannon Wants to Get Down, Dirty, and Bloody – Part One


I haven’t written too much about what I feel is actually taboo. In fact, I don’t really feel like this is either. Maybe I’m just a little bit of a freak! Well, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, and if it is, you definitely haven’t been paying attention. It’s okay though, babe. I forgive you.  Let’s get bloody together.


When you’re with a woman, there are times of the month that can either freak a man out, or bring out his inner freak. The latter is truly what I crave in a sexual partner. If I’m being far too subtle here, let me break it down: I love to fuck, have oral, and play with men when I’m on my period. 


I told you I’m a bit of a freak.


If there’s the chance that I can be with another woman while she’s gushing blood from her pussy, I will jump at it. This kink of mine isn’t something for everyone, and that’s okay, but for those of you that are into it? Well, this is for you.


I’m on my period. I can feel the blood gushing through my cervix, spreading it out for the clots to escape through, and into my menstrual cup. Every few hours I find myself in the restroom, dumping the dark red blood into the toilet. It’s such a waste of it.


 I’d much rather see that blood smeared all over my thighs, bed, and your dick. Just because mother nature is telling me it’s time to shed some uterine lining does  doesn’t mean the playtime stops. In fact, it gets so much better. There is something so primal about wanting to fuck and lick a woman while she’s menstruating.


It just sends shivers down my spine simply thinking about it.


Being fucked and eaten out when I’m bleeding definitely brings out my submissive side as well. I mean, how could it not? I feel like a piece of meat when you push me onto the bed, prop my legs up over your shoulders and devor my sweet, bloody, pussy. Your tongue fucks me deeply, pulling the rich, coppery, blood into your mouth and onto your face. Fuck. You look like you’re devouring a fresh kill. It gets me so, so hot to see you just going for it, blood be damned.  


Devour me. Make me yours. I can’t fucking help it any longer! I watch as you lap the blood that transferred to my clit, and I can’t hold back from cumming. Moans spring forth and I twitch as the full body orgasm washes over me. As I orgasm, you pull your blood-stained face away from my pussy and insert two fingers. Fuck yes. You can’t help but want to ravish me and pump your digits in and out of my bloody cunt.


To be continued . . .


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