Rhiannon the Vampire Banger – A Trueblood Erotic Fan Fiction Pt 2


When we left off, I had just locked eyes with a mysterious stranger at The Blood Bank. Shall we see if this ends with me banging a vampire? You may need Part One to catch up, and that’s totally okay. Let’s dive in!


Our eyes lock in the crowded bar. I don’t know if I should be incredibly nervous, or if I should put myself out there and just go for it. The latter is going to be my plan of action! Not wanting to trip over my lengthy dress, I pull the hem of the skirt upward, showing off my stockings over my shapely legs. It was odd. The crowd seemed to part for me as I make my way over to the man nursing a bottle of True Blood. 


“I’m Rhiannon,” I tell him, bringing my lips especially close to his ear so that I can be heard. His lips form a smile, and with his free hand, he grips my hip through my dress.


Two fangs appear in his smile – he was the real deal after all!


“You a fang banger, sweetie?” He leans down and breathes into my ear. “I like them young and slutty, and it looks like you fit that description, love. Let’s cut the bullshit and just go to your place. You willing to invite me in?”


My legs are shaking under my dress. Not wanting to seem as nervous as I am, I simply nod and extend my hand out to him. His fangs are now visible, even when he isn’t smiling. Their tiny points hang just over his full bottom lip. My gaze is fixated there, imaging those fangs piercing through my tender flesh as he sets his bottle of True Blood down on an empty table. Together, we make our way to my parked car. Once we’re inside, all shyness disappears.


His lips are on mine and we’re making out. The tips of his fangs brush across my lips and sometimes my tongue, but he’s extremely careful. Overall though, he’s quite rough – and I fucking love it. At one point, he grabs me by the throat and pulls my face close to his. I’m straining against his grasp, still trying to taste his mouth on mine, when he snaps his teeth at me teasingly. My pussy is dripping wet and I shift uncomfortably in the driver’s seat. “I guess I’d better get you to my place before we make a mess right here,” I tell him, and he releases me in what I think must be agreement.


After we arrive at my place, I’m standing just beyond the threshold of my door. The vamp is hungrily staring at me from my porch when I get a wicked little idea. My thumbs find themselves untying the straps of my dress and it falls to my feet, showing off my naked breasts and just my fishnet tights. He can’t yet enter my home, so I decide to roll the tights down my ass and thighs while he’s standing there.


Standing there naked, I watch him pace more quickly; he knows I’m just teasing, hopefully. 


With a grin, I slide my left hand down my stomach and over my pussy mound. My fingers part my wet folds and find my clit, which I begin to caress with my fingertip. He’s staring now, hands on his neck. “You going to invite me in, toots?” he asks, trying to figure out if I’m just a tease. I nod and turn around, giving him a view of my curvy ass. 


“Will you please come inside?” I ask, my invitation very clear. Impossibly fast, he’s on me. The sensation of his tongue and lips is everywhere on my body; it’s a blur. My thighs part and, quick as a flash, he’s on his knees in front of me, face buried in my cunt. His tongue expertly laps over my pussy slit and onto my clit as he grips my thigh with his fingertips. Instantly, I’m orgasming unlike any other time I have before. It’s so intense! Then I feel it. The bite is warm, and it’s almost entirely painless when his fangs pierce the flesh of my inner thigh.


Still locked in the throes of orgasm, I’m unsure how to react. 


I had to expect this, right? His wet tongue drags over the open wound and pulls my blood into his mouth. Before I can react, he’s behind me, bending me over. Where did those black jeans go? He’s completely nude and I failed to notice, or maybe I wasn’t supposed to. I don’t have time to think about it too long before I feel his cock slip between my pussy lips and into me. Fuck. We didn’t even make it into the bedroom.

My long raven hair is pulled as I’m fucked. It feels amazing! He’s a goddamned machine, moving too quickly for me to notice the finer details, but I don’t care. I’m experiencing pure bliss, having my snatch stuffed full of his immortal cock. Do vampires ejaculate? My pussy doesn’t care if they do or not, but tries to milk him anyway as I cum.


With a few final thrusts, he moans. 


“You’re a real fang banger now, kiddo,” he tells me as my body settles down. Suddenly, he’s dressed again, and hands me my crumpled dress from the floor. “Next time we’ll have to try something a little more daring, but you’ll do, toots. You’ll do.” I’m awestruck as he kisses my lips again, fangs no longer visible. “Don’t worry. I’ll find you,” he says looking over his shoulder as he sees himself out. 


I’ve done it. I banged a vampire. With a ridiculous giggle, I close the door behind my immortal lover and head for my bedroom. It’s nearly dawn.


I hope you enjoyed my Trueblood fanfic! I can’t get enough of fantasy creatures, especially the sexy and dark ones. If you liked this, stay tuned – I’ll definitely be doing more. In the meantime, be sure to check out my audios. I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy. 


Until next time.





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