Rhiannon the Vampire Banger – A Trueblood Erotic Fan Fiction Pt 1


Since I was a young girl, I’d always wanted to bang a vampire. It’s not really that surprising, since we found out that they actually exist around a decade ago. With great pageantry, the vamps of the world came out of the coffin in a TV press conference thanks to the invention of synthetic blood. From that day, fantasies of the Buffyverse and Twilight have been at the forefront of my mind.


 Now, I know that our local blood suckers aren’t anything like Angel or Edward Cullen, but there could be a sensitive, dashing, vampire looking for the love of his afterlife! Okay. Probably not, but I’m allowed to have a fantasy!


Our vamps? Well, they don’t seem to sparkle, but who can even tell since they don’t go out during the day. At least I’ve never seen one during the day! Then again, I don’t know if I’ve ever really seen one. I live in the Pacific Northwest, but the action in the immortal world seems to have taken place in the South.


It’s okay for us to be left out, but it’s always left me wondering if vampires even bothered to come to Portland. 


The fact that I probably haven’t personally met a vampire doesn’t change the fact that people will do anything for a buck, including opening a vegan vampire-themed strip club. I wish I were joking. How does that even make sense? Well, it is Portland, after all. I suppose it doesn’t have to make sense as long as people are enjoying themselves.


There are actually a lot of vamp-themed establishments. Blood suckers have become the new, sexy, thing over the last decade, and even I’m not immune. I’ve heard that vampires are hyper sexual and fuck like machines. Sounds like a risk I’m willing to take! Though, honestly, I’ve never been one of those girls that goes to themed bars looking for a hook up. But times, they are a changin’! I’m taking the plunge, and I’ve picked a vamp bar just outside of Portland to explore, and possibly find that sexy, fuck-machine, experience I’ve always wanted. It’s off to The Blood Bank, for me!


Searching through my closet, I find the perfect outfit. It’s a long, black, dress with geometric cutouts around the waist to show off my stomach. The back is nearly non-existent, but there are some thin straps of fabric to make sure the blasted thing stays in place. With my long black hair, pale skin, and sexy wannabe-goth gown, I feel like a sexy Morticia Addams. Wide fishnets and a pair of patent heels finish off the look, and I’m so ready to explore this night life.


My clit tingles because my body knows that I’m going to fuck someone tonight, even if they aren’t of the immortal variety. 


I park my car in the bar’s parking lot, and take a deep breath as I look around. It looks like a typical bar, though the bright red neon sign flashes “The Blood Bank” every few seconds to remind me that it’s anything but. After a short pep talk, I find myself going through the black French doors into the bar. 


It’s dark in the small building. The only light sources are red, which adds a bit to the overall ambiance. Music plays at a moderate volume, though I can’t quite place the name of the band over the speakers. There are people everywhere. Bodies are packed in this place as if they were sardines in a can, and I can barely make my way to the bar without having my ass groped, though I don’t particularly mind.


On my way to the bar, I spot him. Maybe he’s a vamp, maybe he’s not. It’s not like they wear name tags, ya know. He’s standing against the wall, which is covered in different framed pictures of famous vampires. His black jeans cling to his muscular legs and I can, very distinctly, see the outline of his cock, even in the dark bar. He’s sipping on a True Blood and surveying the room when our eyes lock. 


To be continued. . .


I hope you’re enjoying my venture into the Trueblood universe. If you can’t wait for part two, please check out the audio right here. You won’t be disappointed when hearing my sultry voice tell this story!


While I don’t currently have any other fantasy stories, please check out my period fetish blog to satisfy any blood cravings you may be having.


Until next time!





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