Rhiannon Pegs Her Favorite Bitch Boy & Shows Who is Boss – Part 2


Welcome back! I knew you’d be excited to read part two. I mean, it could just be because you want me to shove a cock in your ass and pound away, but that’s okay. I’m down to peg my little bitch boy and show him who’s boss. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything more fun right now. You’ll want to read part one to get caught up – it’s what a good boy would do. Let’s dive in!


My fingers release their hold on your tongue, though you keep it extended. “You may begin,” I tell you and watch your tongue lovingly snake across the shiny black leather. Your rough hands grasp my boot as you rub your cheek against it, showing me your affection and shining them at the same time. You ask me if you may spit on the boots and use your arm to buff them to a polished finish, and I allow you to do so. 


Watching you be such a good boy for me makes my pussy so wet. It makes my skin tingle, too. I’m so proud of my good little bitch, and when I look down I can see my reflection shine back at me from the tops of my boots. You did an excellent job, and I reach downward with my hand, stroking the top of your head. “Good little bitch,” I tell you. “Do you think you’ve earned your reward?” I ask, cupping your chin in my hand and looking down at you.


 “If you think you have, get on your hands and knees, then wait for me to return.”


My fingertips release your chin, and I turn to fetch your reward from my bedroom. Once in my room, I dig through my good ol’ trunk of toys until I find the harness and large black dildo. Within a few moments, the harness is in place about my hips, and I’m sliding the flat back of the strap-on into its nook. Standing straight before my mirror, I admire myself again. Mmm. I love how powerful this huge fake cock makes me feel, and I love how weak it makes you – both literally and figuratively. 


After admiring myself, I make my way back into my living room, where you are so patiently waiting. Your eyes look upward to meet my own, catching a glimpse of the big fat strap-on on their way up. Smiling, I watch you hungrily lick your lips. Ooooh. My little bitch must know what’s going to happen and loves the thought of it. “On your hands and knees, bitch,” I spit, getting onto my own knees behind you.


“You’re gonna take this thick fake cock dry in that ass of yours, and you’ll fucking love it.”


I watch your body quiver, though I cannot tell if it’s because you’re excited about having your ass pumped full of cock, or if you’re nervous about it being dry. Either way, I couldn’t care less. The dry head of the strap-on lands above your ass crack as I grip the base with my right hand. Laughing slightly, I drag the strap between your ass cheeks and then keep the head right over that little puckered hole before forcing it open with the dildo. I watch your asshole open wider and wider as the strap-on stretches it out. Feeling rather kind, I sigh and spit a big wad of my saliva onto your asshole. “You’ll thank me for that later,” I coo, as the large fake cock penetrates you even more.


Your whines are exquisite! Giggling, I watch as your toes and fingers curl, trying to dig into the floor, but you’re such a good boy and you don’t call out until my pelvis is flush with your ass cheeks and the cock is deeply inside of you. Fuck yes. Take that massive cock in that loose and used asshole of yours. My left hand reaches around to your face, the tip of my finger hooking around the side of your open mouth and I pull, hard. Mmm.


Look at you wriggle like a little hooked fish. Shhh. Shhh. 


I begin to pound your ass again, harder, with deep strokes. Your moans and whines are so loud, but they only encourage me to fuck you harder and deeper. My hand makes its way from your mouth to your hair, tugging hard as your open mouth moans again and that little cock between your leg twitches and ejaculates a nice rope of thick, white, cum onto my floor. 


Mmmm. “Such a good little bitch,” I say as I pull my cock out of you and allow you to lie in your own cummy mess. 


Did you enjoy being used? I sure as fuck enjoyed using you. Hehe. If you haven’t checked out the audio for this story, please do. It’s available for sale right here. Don’t forget to check out my personal store, where you can find several things that your perverted little heart desires.


Until next time, my pathetic little bitch.





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