Rhiannon Pegs Her Favorite Bitch Boy & Shows Him Who Is Boss- Part 1


Hello again, my favorite little bitch boy. Oh, you didn’t think I’d forget you, did you? How could I? I think about you all the time and, of course, all the naughty things I can do to you. There are so many fantastic, dirty, taboo acts I could choose to subject you to, but today I’ve decided to peg you. Did that ruin the surprise? I sure as fuck hope not, because I’m going to do it anway. So, ready your cute little asshole, because I’m about to fill it with my big fake cock.


I sit on the edge of my bed, smoothing the laces of my knee-high leather boots. They look fantastic, though they could use a bit of cleaning, which I know you’re more than happy to do for me. Mentally, I make a note of the cleaning that needs to be done. Mmm. My favorite little bitch is in for such a treat, and my lips lift into a sinister little smile just thinking about it as I continue to check out my outfit. 


I’ve managed to cinch my underbust corset myself, using a door handle to make the laces nice and tight. My luscious tits hang just slightly over the top, bare and exposed; their nipples harden as I adjust myself. A little bit of stimulation and they get hard as little rocks. I both love it and hate it at the same time, but right now it’s definitely in the love category.


Their hard texture, coming to little points, makes me feel powerful and beautiful. 


My fingers find themselves giving my nipples a quick pinch to make them stand out even more above the underbust corset. I stand so that I may make sure my fishnets are perfectly in place over my long, slender, legs. Of course they are; I wouldn’t want them any other way. Smiling at my reflection in my full length mirror, I admire myself for a moment, turning this way and that. After a moment of looking over my outfit, I reach into a drawer to find a hair tie to secure my dark tresses atop my head in a high ponytail.


I feel like Miss Rhiannon again. A Goddess, a Domme. She is perfection and I am her, waiting for my little bitch boy to ring my doorbell and be welcomed into my home. While I’m finishing up, I hear the doorbell ring. Mmmm.


It has to be you, my favorite little bitch boy, but I try my best to contain my excitement before making my way to the front door. 


Once I arrive at the door, your eyes are as wide as saucers seeing me in my current state. “Take it all in, my little bitch,” I tell you as I back away from the door and motion for you to enter. “Now that you’ve gotten a delicious eyefull, I’ll need you to strip.” You comply immediately, of course, and then neatly fold your clothes and set them in a little pile. 


“On your knees,” I purr, watching you fall to your knees, kneeling before me. “Do you see your Goddess’ boots? They are such a mess, and your tongue is so clean. Why don’t you be a good little bitch boy for me and make them shine?” Obediently, you lean forward, putting your weight onto the palms of your hands, and extend your tongue. Before it can make contact with my leather boots, my fingers catch the tip of your tongue between their tips. “Good boy,” I tell you.


To be continued . . .


I hope you’re enjoying our little romp! If you can’t wait to get to the part where I pound your ass with a nice thick strap, you’ll want to buy the audio right here. It’s not me just reading this story aloud, by the way. There are always some little extras. Hehe. If you are a subby little bitch, I have another story you’ll enjoy – it’s about making my favorite bitch boy into a piece of living furniture


Until next time, my little bitch.






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