Rhiannon Is Your Naughty Nurse – A Medical Fetish Fantasy Part 2


Ooooh! Welcome back. I knew you’d be checking back for part two! Hehe. If you’re new here, or just want to catch up, be sure to check out part one, because it makes reading a lot easier. Shall we see what happens to our naughty nurse? Let’s dive in!


Mentally, I inventory the things that have been laid out for me. Well, if you want me to be your private, naughty nurse, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth! I chuckle to myself as I strip from my normal uniform. There’s also a note on the sexy nurse’s outfit you’ve provided me: NO PANTIES, PLEASE. 


Well, that’s easy enough! My panties and bra fall to the floor, leaving me completely nude before I slide on the preferred uniform. The hat settles into my thick, black, hair and I zip myself up. Of course, my cute little heels match the outfit perfectly and I giggle to myself while pushing the tray of medical devices out of the ensuite.


Once I’m back into your view, I notice your shit-eating grin. “Well now,” I begin, “it’s time to take your temperature to make sure you don’t have a fever.” You look absolutely delighted, and I notice you giving me the once over as I’m pushing the tray towards you.


The little tent in your hospital gown is evident – I’ve already given you a raging hard on. Smiling, you open your mouth to prepare for the thermometer. I shake my head back and forth, giggling. “Noooo. That’s not where it’s going to go,” I tell you as I reach for the gloves on the tray. Quickly, I put them on and snap their bottoms to make sure they’re secure. 


Our eyes both fall to the lubricant, which I apply to the tip of my left, gloved, index finger. Now that my finger is all lubed up for you, I pull back your sheet and blanket with my other hand. The expression on your face is wonderful – a mixture of excitement and curiosity. 


With a smooth motion, I shift the bedpan so that I can get a clear view of your waiting asshole. It’s so easy to get to with one leg propped up! My lubed up finger slides between your ass cheeks and over that little anal ring, getting it nice and sloppy on the outside, before entering your tight asshole. “Mmm. It’s ready for the thermometer now,” I tell you, watching that erection twitch. Gracefully, I reach out for the thermometer with my free hand and stare at you, a sly smile playing on my pouty lips. 


The chilly outside of the thermometer is a shock to your flesh, causing you to shift a bit.


I shush you, and make sure you’re still again before guiding the little probe into your asshole. After a moment or so, I retrieve it. It looks like you don’t have a fever after all, but I’m far from done when it comes to making that cock of yours jump and twitch for me. With a flourish, I reach for the speculum.


Your face lights up with ecstasy as I coat the outside of the speculum with a thick layer of lube. The moans that escape your lips are so, so wonderful as the speculum slides into your ass, but I have to shush you again once I start to expand it. With each click, I watch your cock twitch. As your asshole becomes more stretched out by my tool, you become more and more aroused. It’s then that I slip my finger into your expanded ass and tickle your anal walls.


Mmmm. You can’t stand it any longer!


A thick white rope of cum spills from the head of your cock all over your stomach, covering you in a warm sticky mess. It looks so delicious and wonderful! With the speculum still spreading your cute little ass open, I giggle and say, “Well. It looks like it’s time for someone to get a sponge bath.”


I hope you enjoyed my spin on a naughty nurse fantasy with medical fetish play. Hehe. I loved writing this! If you want to check out the audio, please do so. You won’t be disappointed. If you have a medical fetish kink, and want your own personal fantasy, just give me a call. Hehe





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