Rhiannon Is Your Naughty Nurse – A Medical Fetish Fantasy Part 1


Welcome back! Did you miss me? Why am I even asking – of course you did. Hehe. You know that I missed you, too, and all of the naughty fun we get ourselves into. Today, I’ve thought of an especially fun way for me to make you into a quivering mess. Nurse Rhiannon, reporting for duty! If you have a medical fetish, you’re in for a treat with this particular fantasy. Open up and say, “Ahh!” 


I pace back and forth in the hospital corridor, my heels clicking on the sterile floors. It’s my first week on the job, and heels were the worst possible choice to wear while doing rounds. My feet look so cute in them, though, and I don’t regret being in pain for fashion, as long as I feel adorable. As I pace the corridor, I can’t help but wonder if this is really the job for me.


Taking care of others is my passion, but no one seems to appreciate the work their nurse does for them!


While pondering a possible new job, the head nurse interrupts my thoughts and lets me know that there’s a new patient that could definitely use my help. Obediently, I take the chart from her, but I can’t help but notice the smug little smile on her face. That’s weird, but I don’t have time to think about it too long before I’m searching for my patient. The room isn’t too far away, but it’s a private suite. Once I make my way into the suite, I hear the door lock behind me. Hmm. That’s also weird.  


Not wanting to put much thought into it, I brightly greet my patient with a smile. You’re lying in a hospital bed, leg elevated, and completely helpless. I quickly read over your chart so that I don’t have to ask you too many questions, or seem ill prepared. The chart tells me that you were in a skiing accident – your third one in three years – and you have broken your leg. Skimming over the chart, I also see that you have no emergency contacts and are single. My heart flutters in my chest; this is my chance to really take care of someone!


You’re so adorable! You introduce yourself to me, then ask me to sit on the edge of your bed. Wanting to be so helpful and sweet, I comply immediately. That’s when the other shoe drops. You explain to me that your leg is, indeed, broken. However, you are a wealthy businessman who needs a private nurse to take care of you, and only you, while you recover.


I am shocked! You chose me to be your private nurse? But why? And what does this all entail?


My anxiety builds, but you’re soon patting my hand to explain to me that I will do absolutely fine, and will probably come to enjoy myself. After calming me down a bit, you also let me know that I have a new uniform to wear, and I can find it in the ensuite bathroom, along with a few other things that I’ll need to care for you. 


Quickly, I make my way into the ensuite and look over my new uniform. It’s short, tight, and extremely low cut. There’s even a little hat to wear that has a red cross on it – a typical “naughty nurse” outfit. Curiously, I look for the other things you’ve left me. They include: a large thermometer, latex gloves, lubricant, a speculum, and a stethoscope. What in the world?

To be continued . . .


I hope you’re enjoying my take on a naughty nurse fantasy! If you can’t wait to see what happens, you’ll want to check out the audio. If you like these sorts of fantasies, I also have a saucy secretary story that will make your cock twitch. It’s right here.


Until next time.





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