Rhiannon Fucks Her Way to the Top in a Job Interview Part Two


My legs lingered apart and I had yet to answer his question for the interview.  My brain struggled to come up with an answer, but finally I came up with something. “I think the thing that makes me stand out most is my willingness to work with others,” I purred and re-crossed my legs. Mister Bossman definitely noticed the panties. His teeth were digging into his cheek and it was obvious he was holding back from saying something.


“May I excuse myself for just a moment?” I asked. Bossman seemed confused and I explained that I needed to use the restroom. He nodded and gave me some vague directions as to where I could find the facilities. Once in the bathroom, I removed my panties completely and stuffed them into my purse.

The sheer fabric could be seen hanging over the side of the purse, and I was sure he would notice them. Or at least I had hoped.


I made my way back to the office, and seated myself again in front of Mister Bossman. My purse found its way directly onto his desk, and I caught him staring at the panties in my purse. “I’m so sorry about that,” I said. “May we continue?” And he cleared his throat again and read over my resume. As he was reading, I uncrossed my legs and gave him a very good view of my shaved pussy. A sweet little droplet of my wetness clung to the outside, and I knew he could see its shininess. However, the expression on his face was priceless and it looked as if he had no idea what to say or do. Luckily, I knew exactly what to say and do.


“Do you like what you see? This could be yours if the job is mine.” He only nodded, looking very turned on. I stood up, walked over to him behind his desk, took his face in my hands and whispered, “Sir, I really want this job. And I would do anything to have it. I would take your cock in my sweet little mouth, my tight as fuck pussy, or my asshole. Any day, any time.”


As I said this, I reached for his belt and my hand slid over the bulge in his pants. 


He had very little to say, but it was more than obvious that he was willing to go along with what I was wanting to do. “Would you say I have the job?” I asked, as I motioned for him to stand behind me. “Or do I have a little more interviewing to do?” With that, I bent over his desk and pulled my skirt up above my hips, exposing my curvaceous ass and pussy to him. “You should fuck me, Sir,” I cooed and looked behind me, seeing his pants come down, his hard cock out and ready to thrust into my awaiting cunt. 


I felt his cock slide into me, and my mouth parted in a loud moan. His hips slapped against my bare ass, over and over again, his cock thrusting in and out of my slick pussy. He grabbed my ass with his large hands and kneaded my ass cheeks, grabbing them hungrily as his cock pumped in and out of me. And with that, I reached backwardly behind myself and him, pulling him so close to me and holding him in place. As I did this, I felt the gush of cum ooze from his cock into my pussy. “You’re hired, Ms. Simmons,” he whispered with a moan. 


And that’s how I fucked my way into my assistant position at a job interview. 


I know you’d love to check out the audio for this one, or any of my other stories. You can do so here.


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