Rhiannon Fucks Her Way to the Top in a Job Interview Part One

I thoroughly enjoy being a phone sex operator. It gives me a chance to be creative, sexy, and hear a lot of guys cum after I’ve done a good job for them. What’s not to like? Before I was into phone sex though, I was more into clerical work and being an assistant or secretary can be pretty competitive. One time I decided that I would do just about anything to get a decent job, and I’d love to tell you more about it. Let’s just say that the interview went especially well and that I fucked my way to the top. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? 


When I answered the online ad for a secretary position at a fairly nice business, I hoped right away that I’d get the job. It was pretty luxe, and the position would be under a pretty attractive man in his early forties. I knew this, because I, of course, Google’d him and found his business profile on LinkedIn. The email confirmation I received let me know that the man, himself, would be doing the interviews, and it gave me a wicked idea.

It was inevitable that his cock would end up in at least two of my holes during this interview and I would make sure of it!


Getting dressed for my interview was a feat. I couldn’t decide what to wear! Sometimes a girl just has too many choices, you know? Eventually, I settled on a pencil skirt and a button-up shirt. It wasn’t too plain, but would definitely draw attention in the right ways when I wanted it to. Bare legs, rather than stockings, would also be a great choice along with a pair of really sheer panties that showed off my cleanly shaving pussy. My new boss was definitely in for a treat.


Once I arrived at the office building, my nerves began to kick in. I would do anything for this job because I needed it so desperately! Could I do what I needed to do to secure the position? That would remain to be seen. When I stepped out of the elevator, I smoothed my skirt with my trembling hands and made my way to the correct office suite. A receptionist greeted me, and I took a seat, setting my purse in my lap as I patiently waited for my interviewer to fetch me.


He stepped through the doorway, into the lobby, and my breath caught in my throat. He had definitely used a touched up photo on LinkedIn and wasn’t nearly as attractive as the photoshopped picture had made him seem. Could I still do this? We were about to find out!


The bossman introduced himself with a gentle handshake and a smile. I made sure to hold his gaze flirtatiously, and then we walked through the door into his office. The office was pristine, and very conservatively decorated. He asked me to sit in a leather chair across from where he sat behind his desk, so I seated myself, crossed my legs and waited for the interview to begin.

Bossman cleared his throat, pulled out my resume and began to interview me.


“Rhiannon,” he said, “you seem to be very qualified for this position. However, what do you think would make you stand out amongst other candidates?” It was a good question. One I wasn’t entirely expecting, so I had to think about it. As I thought about it, I felt my pussy start to grow wet between my legs. I was incredibly turned on, knowing what I would do to get this job, and also knowing that he didn’t have any idea about what was yet to come. My legs uncrossed, and I kept them slightly spread. The angle of the Bossman’s seat was to where I knew he could see up on my skirt and to my very sheer panties. He blinked several times and cleared his throat again.


I know that you’re dying to read part two. If you can’t wait to see what happens, check out the audio.


My sexy stories are fun and I know you love them! If you want to hear about how I dressed up my boyfriend as a sissy, read about it here.

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