Rhiannon Does Furniture Play with Her Favorite Bitch Boy – Part Two



Why, hello again! The last time we left one another, you were being my good little bitch boy furniture show piece. If you need to catch up, be sure to read part one, as it makes for an altogether much better experience. Let’s dive right back in, my needy little bitch. 


After I painstakingly apply my cosmetics, using you as my chair, I stand. With a waggle of my index finger, I beckon to you to follow me, still crawling. When we arrive back into my living and dining room, you notice that there is now a table. It’s not a table in the traditional sense of the term, however. No, it’s a table like you’re a chair, and like the lady in my bedroom was a lamp.


How curious, my little bitch!


The man-table is set with my lunch as well as a burning candle. Ambiance is everything, after all. “Get closer to my table. Now, bitch,” I tell you as you obediently crawl to be nearer to my table. Again, I use you as my chair. Such a good little chair you are, holding me up on your back as your cock dangles between your legs. You aren’t a fucking man anymore. You’re my chair. An object that belongs only to me, for me to do with as I goddamn well please, and you shouldn’t forget it. 


I continue with my routine and eat my lunch, clear my table and kiss it on its head to thank it for a job well done. My belongings are loved and well cared for, especially if they do a good job for me. You will be my prized possession. Something I will use daily for so many things. Doesn’t that sound like a treat? Having my ass on your back, or being used to hold up my feet is your job – your calling – now. Every day you will do what I ask of you, and you will willingly, and lovingly, submit to me. 


With a bored sigh, I drag my fingers through your hair and give my new bitch boy chair a little scritch. I’m so horny that I can’t stand it! With a shift of my body, I lie on the floor and use your back to prop my feet up so that they’re elevated. My fingers dance their way down my stomach and to my pussy, spreading the wet folds of my lips so that I may find my clit. From the corner of your eye, you watch as I rub my clit and moan.


As I orgasm, my hips buck against the floor, my feet flail on your bare back. 


I watch my chair’s cock grow hard and girthy. With that, I sit up and smack my chair’s ass – hard. “Good furniture blends in with the room,” I tell you as I rub the spot that I punished. My bitch, my chair. Mine. Only mine. I give your head a kiss as I get up from the floor, then turn off the light and leave the room.


Mmmm. Did you enjoy becoming my possession? If so, check out my audios. There are many to choose from.


Until next time, my little bitch.





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