Rhiannon Dives Feet First Into Foot Fetishes Part 2



The first time I was going to let a man fuck my feet, I was so curious and anxious, but also so ready! The very idea of having a thick, hard, cock rubbing on feet made me clit tingle. My feet were together as I sat in my bed, completely naked. The guy I was dating sat down with me, also nude.


Though his cock wasn’t erect at this point, it soon would be as I placed my tootsies in his lap and let him lavish affection on my arches with his palms and fingers. Mmmm! Being massaged was so incredible and I couldn’t help but remember that he was so turned on by feet. So I really let myself go with the moans and oohs and ahhs. Eventually, the massages turned into a deliciously decadent tongue bath, and I was squealing with excitement and pleasure. His tongue caressed and glided between my toes, up the arches of each foot and around the heels.


My entire body was absolutely quivering at this point, and my pussy was so, so wet.


It was such a great tease! I loved foot fetishes! After he was done lapping at my heels, he told me to sit behind him, my legs wrapped around his outer thighs. He told me to lift my legs up and put my feet together so that the insides of the arches were facing him. I did this, giggling with excitement, but I was so very curious as to what this would feel like. A moment later, I could feel the head of his cock between my feet, using the friction of our touching bodies to make himself incredibly erect. 


There was precum dripping from his dick and it found its way to my arches, making the act of him sliding his cock back and forth between my tender and sensitive arches. It was very slippery and sensual. I moaned with pleasure, watching his cock pump in and out of my foot pussy faster and faster. His hands were pumping up and down the length of his cock as well as he was moaning, panting. It was obvious he was about to cum all over my feet! With another pump of his cock between my arches, the explosion of semen was warm, sticky, and so wonderful. He moaned and covered my feet in his seed. 


I shifted on my bed, my pussy feeling uncomfortably wet, but not as wet as my feet which had just been so wonderfully came on.


From there, I laid back on the bed, and his tongue found its way to my clit. He gently sucked on my little nub of pleasure before inserting two fingers into my super wet and messy fuckhole. His fingers slid in and out of me, quickly, as his tongue did somersaults over my clit. My hands found their way to his hair and I held him in place. I forced him against my pussy as I came all over his face. 


They say if you’re wanting to get into something that you should jump in, head first. Well, I decided to go feet first, and that seemed to work out a lot better for me! Foot fetishes are where it’s at.


Please check out Part 1 of this story. It makes reading a lot easier.


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