Rhiannon Dives Feet First Into Foot Fetishes Part 1



The first time I got a pedicure the nail tech told me I should be a foot model. I laughed at the very idea of such a thing! First of all, I didn’t think my feet were that cute, nor did I ever envision someone being so enamored with them that I could make money off of such a thing. I told her that it was a fun idea, and left it at that. However, it really piqued my interest and I had to do some research into foot fetishes. I looked at a few websites, watched a porn or two, but didn’t think of it again for a very long time.


I did, however, realize that my feet are incredibly attractive. They’re small, high-arched, and well maintained. While I often get my nails done with outrageous colors though, I keep my toenails bare and completely natural looking. I enjoy pedicures a lot! Getting my feet scrubbed, massaged, and my nails neatly trimmed is always a fun treat, though I’ve been doing my own pedicures at home for the last several months. 


Feet weren’t on my mind at all for the longest time, despite my research and self care.


That is, until I met the first man I dated that had a foot fetish. It wasn’t something that we talked about extensively. In fact, it didn’t really come up at all during our first several dates until we started fucking. Imagine, if you will, me lying on my back. I am completely nude, my boyfriend at the time has my ankles on his shoulders. His cock is wonderfully deep inside my super wet pussy, and he’s fucking me just the way I like: slow at first, then harder, slow again, and hard until I can no longer take it and explode into orgasm.


I’m moaning in ecstasy, pinching my own nipples as my pussy clamps around his cock. It’s a delicious scene and an even better experience! All of a sudden, he starts sucking on my toes. He does this in the same fashion he does to my clit, circling his tongue in a little tornado, while giving them a good sloppy sucking. 


It’s magical. I see stars and baby angels as I cum again like I never have before! I can’t stop moaning, and I know my pussy is pulsating and milking his cock, because very shortly later, he orgasms as well. When we’re done, he asked me what I thought of having my toes sucked. I laughed and explained to him that it was amazing and entirely new to me! That’s when he told me that he’d love to try some more foot things with me and hoped I would enjoy them.


Because I’d had so much fun with my toes being sucked, I was more than happy to indulge his foot fetish.


To begin my lessons in foot fetishes, I had a pedicure. My feet were scrubbed and buffed to perfection and my toenails were trimmed and given a clear top coat. They were perfect! The first lesson I was given was regarding an arch and toe flex. This is where you sit down, extend your legs outward and then flex your feet. First, you angle them down, then back up and spread your toes apart, showing off how pretty and suckable they are. 


I did all of this so easily! When it came to making my first foot pussy, I was a little anxious. A foot pussy is where you put the bottoms of your feet together, then a dude fucks the arches of your feet. Kind of like a titty fuck, but with different parts of your body.


Can’t wait for part two? You should hear me tell this story in its entirety! Check out the audio right here.


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