Rhiannon Degrades Her Sweet Little Sissy Boy – Part Two


Ooooh! Welcome back. I knew you’d be checking in to see what happens, you little fucking pervert. You just want to know what happens when we get together and I degrade your little sissy ass, don’t you? Hehe. Well, of course you do! Why else would you be here? If you haven’t had a chance to read part one, you’ll want to do that so you won’t get too lost. No one likes a lost little sissy bitch, do they? I know that I sure don’t. Let’s continue right from where we left off!


Giggling, I watch you blink a few times as if in sheer disbelief that I’m into what you’ve told me. “So,” I repeat, “your place or mine?”


You stare at me for a moment before stuttering a bit, “Y-y-your place sounds great!” 


“Well then,” I say, “let’s get the fuck out of here, and get you into something a little more skimpy. I’ll have a Lyft come and get us.” You pay the bill for our sugary-sweet drinks, and we take the Lyft back to my apartment. Once inside, I take your coat from you and hang it up along with my own, then grab you by the hand and lead you into my bedroom.


After we’re in my bedroom, I ask you to take a seat on my bed so that I can properly dig through my clothes in order to dress you up like the sweet little sissy slut you are. “No, not that,” I mumble as I look for the perfect outfit for you. “Nope. Too long. Ah! Here we are!” I announce as I find a cute little nightgown and matching pair of thong panties. Gleefully, I hold them up to show you what you’ll be forced into. You smile a bit, though you still look nervous. Cautiously, I walk over to you and lovingly stroke your head. “You’re going to be my little sissy slut. You said that’s what you wanted, right?” You nod vigorously as I stroke your head some more. “Good. Now take your mother fucking clothes off, and be a good little panty boy for me.”


I laugh as I force the outfit into your lap.


Quickly, you pull your shirt over your head, as I unbutton your pants, stripping them and your underwear off of you. “I wanna see that thong ride up your cute little slutty ass,” I tell you, pulling it up over your legs and allowing you to stand. “That’s right, pull it up high. I want your boy pussy to feel the kiss of the fabric.”


Your eyes grow huge as you follow my command. I can also see your cock twitch in the panties, slowly growing hard for me. “Now, put the nightgown on.” You shake your head in refusal, so I pick it up from the bed and slide it over your head. A small sigh escapes your lips as you acquies to me. “Aww, does the sissy slut not want to be my little panty boy? Did he lie about it making his dick hard?” I tease, then drag a fingertip over your erect cock. “Awww. His little clitty doesn’t lie. Look at how hard it is,” I continue. 


“Do you wanna touch that little clitty while I tell you what a little slut you are? I bet you do,” I coo at you. “That’s right. Reach down and play with it so you can fill those panties with cum for me. Or can you not make that cute little clit cum for me? Do you need your boy pussy filled to do that?” I ask, as I reach for your panties. With a quick motion, I pull the thong deeply into your ass crack and watch you jump in shock. “Awww, what’s the matter? Flick that little clitty and make yourself cum all over those fucking panties, you panty boy slut. Do it!” My voice is commanding, if even a little mean. 


I watch as you furiously stroke your dick inside of my thong panties.


All the while, I’m harassing you, getting close to your ear and whispering at you. Calling you names and telling you that you need to be a good little slut for me, and how you’ll be keeping those panties, because I don’t want your filthy cum near me. As I’m telling you that you must not know how to make yourself cum, your mouth parts and I watch you cum right into my panties. 


“How did I do?” I ask you. You smile and chuckle a little bit before gesturing to my thong that’s full of your semen.


Well, that seems like a good thing, don’t you think?


I hope you enjoyed this re-telling of a very true story. I know I enjoyed making you a part of it. Hehe. Don’t forget that you can check out the audio right here. It has a few choice insults that I didn’t want to include in the blog itself.


Until next time.





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