Reverse Harem, Lexi’s naughty fantasy part one

Welcome back to my reverse harem fantasy. Let me catch you up on what is happening. Currently in my little fantasy I am perched on mister dangerous with my legs spread nice and wide. My lips are locked with the mischievous twin number one, and twin number two is on his knees with his head buried between my legs.

You’d think it couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong. There is a tall intimidating Viking stalking closer with dark promises in his eyes. Unbeknownst to my other three men, my Viking silently strips down to his birthday suit and then steps in and picks me up. Without any warning he impales me on his rigid shaft, bottoming out and enticing a drawn out moan from me.

Instead of jealousy, my other three paramours instead rise and strip to join in. Twin number one is the first to finish and he stepped in behind me. With the viking lifting me up and down on his cock at an agonizingly slow pace, twin two drizzles lube on his brother’s cock and next thing I know twin one is invading my ass.

With a gasp and a long low moan, I feel the complete fullness of being double stuffed. I can’t move a muscle, and I can hardly breathe. But after they give me a moment to adjust, they begin in full force. Gone was the agonizingly slow up and down. Now they hold me steady and in tandem, they thrust up into me like their lives depend on it.

Both pleasure and pain roll through my body, and wave upon wave of sensation floods my brain.

I can’t think, I can’t speak, all I can do is moan and cry out. Somewhere in my brain I register the feeling of my nipples being sucked by mister dangerous, but I have no idea where twin two is.

Then suddenly twin one begins rapidly pistoning my ass and it’s all too much. I scream my release and my whole body trembles from overstimulation. They don’t stop, they keep pumping until i hear the roars of their own orgasms.

Twin one pulls out of my ass and the viking walks me over to the bed, slowly lowering me onto it. My body still twitches from all the action, but there is no break as mister dangerous gets between my legs and slams full force into my pussy. He pounds into me like an animal. My back arches up off the bed, but he just shoves me back down, thrusting even harder. He doesn’t stop until he unloads his balls into me.

Without a second to breathe, mister dangerous gets off of me and twin two is suddenly balls deep in my ass. I scream but he puts his hand over my mouth and whispers “I love the feeling of my brother’s cum on my cock while I fuck you.”.

That undoes me and I’m screaming my orgasm as he reaches his own. Finally it’s over. Twin two pulls out and suddenly I’m surrounded by my men. Being held and caressed until I fall blissfully asleep. Having a harem is the life…

How did you like part two of my reverse harem blog? If you missed part one, catch it here! Or give me a call to talk about something really kinky… 877-482-0664

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