Reverse Harem, Lexi’s naughty fantasy part one


So one of my biggest fantasies in life is to build my very own reverse harem. I like to read smut books as some of you are well aware, and one of my favorite sub genres is the reverse harem trope. Who wouldn’t love to be the main character of a book or series and end up with three, four, five, or more men??? Well this is my fantasy.

It all starts with twins. Tall, lanky, goofy twins with devilish smiles and roaming hands. What girl would say no to being sandwiched between a set of twins? Having one suck the very soul from my body, while the other trails kisses down my body.

I’d have to focus back and forth with the sensations coming from more than one source.

So would I lose myself in the kiss, or would I be lost in the pleasure of the second twin burying his face between my trembling legs? His mischievous nature coming though as he teases my clit until he makes me grab his hair as a handhold and stay upright.

The first twin taking full advantage of my plight to plunder deeper into my mouth and make me lose the ability to think coherent thoughts. Twin two, not to be outdone by his brother, plunges his tongue straight into my honeypot and my legs turn to jello.

I should have collapsed from the assault, but instead a strong set of arms wrap around my waist from behind. I gasp, turning my head to get a look at my newest paramour. He is a little shorter than the twins, but he more than makes up for it with broad shoulders and well defined arms. Dressed in a suit that looks made for his body, he reminds me of a powerful businessman or some sort of stereotypical mafia boss.

Should I be afraid? Maybe.

The look in his eyes spell danger of a different sort. I was dripping hard right into twin two’s mouth. Mister danger presses tight against my back and slides his hands up my stomach to cup my breasts.

So twin one recaptures my lips with his and mister danger begins nipping and nibbling on my tender neck. The sensations flooding my body turn me weak and I lean heavily into mister dangerous. With a chuckle he walks me backwards towards the bed and the twins follow like eager little puppies.

Then I end up perched on mister danger’s lap with my legs spread wide and on display. I have three very delicious men pampering me like a princess, what more could I need? Maybe the domineering viking look alike that is currently stalking towards my burgeoning harem? Oh yes, most definitely!


How are you liking part one of my reverse harem blog? Come back Sunday to read the finale! 877-482-0664

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