Revenge sex, scorned Aria forces her ex to watch part two

The best part of my revenge sex, was the actual deed. The sound of my ex screaming and threatening while I deep throated each and every one of his friends was insanely erotic. I had hands pinching my nipples, hands rubbing my pussy, and even a hand snacking down my back to play with my ass.

I had no idea where to focus my attention, so I ended up working on instinct. When everyone was raging hard and ready for the main event, I was pulled up off my knees. They positioned me so that I was on my feet, bent over, with my hands propped on my ex’s knees. My face mere inches from his as his little brother was the first at bat so to speak. His best friend hand his hand on his brothers’ shoulder, giving him encouragement for his first time to be plunged deep into a girl. I smiled and leaned forward, capturing my ex’s lips with mine just as Brian thrust into me.

My ex fought against me, but thanks to the bindings, I was able to force him to do my bidding. I moaned into his mouth one hand sliding up his leg to massage the shameful bulge in his pants. I pulled back and let out a throaty laugh, announcing to the room my discovery. The whole room erupted into a fit of laughter.

My pathetic sack of shit ex was turned on by watching me have revenge sex in front of him.

Like expected, Brian lasted a couple minutes before he cried out with pleasure. His balls unloading into my tight little snatch. I look back, shaking my ass, and ask who’s next. It wasn’t but a couple seconds before I had his best friend balls deep inside me. I cried out in shock and pleasure, adjusting to his considerable size. I turned to face my ex once again and taunted him.

“Your best friends’ dick is much bigger than yours.” I unzip and pull his cock out as evidence. He wasn’t small but more average than anything. His best friend had him beat by a good two inches at least. I felt his tip hitting my cervix roughly, as if to drive home the point.

I soon tossed out the plan of verbal degradation, because I was accosted by the men and had to focus on all the things being done to me. Hands all over my body, a cock in my mouth, one in my pussy, and the pressure of a cock against my ass. Oh boy was this revenge the best idea I have ever had!

I found myself straddling his best friend, my ass posed to take another cock. His brother and another friend taking turns with my mouth. When the second cock stretched my ass open, I screamed around the flesh of Brian’s cock, making him cum for the third, but not the last time that night. I had all my holes stuffed, and my body was on fire. Someone was thoughtful enough to crouch down and start violently rubbing my clit.

I was in ecstasy, waves of pleasure rolling through me one after the next.

The feeling of being double penetrated, and my clit so roughly abused sent me over the edge. With a scream that could wake the dead, I came on both cocks. The strength of my spasms, trapping them inside me and forcing them to fill me with their own climax. When they finally pulled out, my ex had a front row view of their cum dripping out of my two gaping holes. I smiled in satisfaction, knowing that this was far from over.

Like a carefully choreographed dance, the boys and I fucked in every position, in every way, with everyone getting at least three turns in each hole. Hours went by, and over the course of those hours, my ex slowly stopped struggling against the bindings. Even drowning in my own pleasure, cumming multiple times on his closest friends’ cocks, I kept tabs on him. And it was towards the end of his torture, that the most amazing thing happened.

Without anyone touching him, without him even touching himself. With just watching me take more cock than he ever gave me over the course of six months, his cock exploded and came all over himself. The very sight of it sent me over the edge one final time.

By the end of the night I was a cum soaked heap on the living room floor.

Negligee torn in a couple places, pussy red and raw, asshole still gaping and leaking sperm from who knows at this point. I lay there, staring at him. He sat there, quiet, eyes locked on me as if I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

So much for that bullshit excuse of not having enough sex drive. I hope my friend can live up to what you just got to watch.” I got to my feet, planting a chaste kiss on his cheek, and left him there. His best friend gave me a ride home while the others released my ex at last. Before I got out of his car to finish my walk of shame, we made plans to hook up the very next day.

A girl like me never goes without for long…

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