Revenge sex, scorned Aria forces her ex to watch part one

Everyone loves a good revenge sex story, myself included. I want to tell you about the time I got revenge sex on my ex boyfriend. We dated for about six months in the tail end of my senior year of high school. Everything was perfect, or so I thought.

In the midst of being young and in love, he betrayed me. He cheated on me with one of my friends, and then had the gall to lie to me, and then blame me when he couldn’t get away with lying. He had the nerve to tell me that I just didn’t have enough of a sex drive to match him.

Was this bastard for real??? Anyone who knows me, knows what an insatiable slut I am! In my blind rage, I plotted. I will get my revenge, and I knew just how to do it. So with a mission in mind, I went and sought out each and every one of my ex’s friends. I told them what happened, and then told them what I planned to do about it. The ear splitting grin that transformed their faces told me all I needed to know.

The last nail in the coffin, I approached his younger brother. At first, I wasn’t going to involve him since he was a virgin and a lot younger than me… but I felt like those reasons were the exact reason I had to do it. I told his brother what I was planning, and what I was offering him. And as expected, he jumped at the opportunity to lose his virginity to me.

So with everyone in on the plan, his best friend lured him to his house.

We planned this so that there would be no parents home. When he got to the living room, we ambushed him. His friends tackled him to the ground and tied the rope around him. One of his friends was a former Eagle scout, and knots were his specialty. My ex spit, cursed, and struggled, demanding to know what in the hell was going on. He gave pause when I stepped out from hiding.

I hope you sit back and enjoy the show you’re about to see. It’s my little way of showing you exactly what kind of sex drive you’re missing out on.” I smirked and watched as they bound him to a chair, placed just right so that he would get the perfect view. Then his friends encircled me.

I dropped down to my knees and within moments I was face to face with seven dicks. I can hear his screams. My ex cursing my name, calling me a bitch, a whore, anything and everything he could think of. I looked right at him and smiled serenely before I called out the name I’m sure he never expected me to call.

Brian, come on out baby!” The words summoned my ex’s brother. He was trembling with excitement, and the bulge in his pants looked painful. Poor kid was about to have the time of his life. I kneeled there, on my knees, in nothing but the blue negligee that my ex bought me for Valentine’s day. Kept my eyes locked on his as I reached out and undid his brothers jeans, pulling them down and exposing his painful erection.

I leaned forward, not breaking eye contact, as my lips surrounded Brians’ shaft.

Each time I took him deeper down my throat, his cock jumped and throbbed. I could feel Brian shaking with the effort to hold in his climax. I knew my ex could tell as well, as he struggled harder against his bindings. So with a smile stuffed with cock, I took every inch of his brother down my throat, and hummed. My eyes still locked on my ex as his brother cried out in release. Brian had a surprisingly big load for someone so inexperienced…

I crawled on my hands and knees to my ex, climbing to my feet once I reached him. He struggled against me, but I held his face in my hands. So I leaned in and forced his lips apart as I slipped his brothers load of cum right into his mouth. I kept kissing him, so he was forced to swallow most of it. I pulled back and smiled wide as he tried spitting out the last dregs of sperm.

You crazy bitch!” He bellowed, fighting against the bindings.

You haven’t seen crazy just yet…” I replied sweetly. I walked backwards into the circle of guys behind me, dropping back to my knees and beginning the fun in earnest.

Loving part one of my revenge sex blog? Come back sunday to catch part two! Or you can hear the delicious conclusion by checking out the explicit audio!




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