Kiara’s Revenge-Payback Sex-Ex’s Brother-Part 2


Moments later, I had this feeling like I was being watched. I felt eyes piercing me like they were trying to cut right through me. Turning my head, I saw a familiar face. I had been so deep in the music, it took me a second to make sense of what I was seeing. My ex boyfriend who ghosted me was standing there. He had seen me come in and was on his way to talk to me. Just watching me in the arms of his brother, he looked at me with sadness on his face. The only look I could return, was one filled with anger and vengeance. Now I wanted to have Revenge Sex.

I continued to dance with this mystery man while making full eye contact with my ex. I wanted him to feel what I felt when he discarded me. Pulling myself closer to my dance partner, the music turned naughty and I started grinding up on him. He put his hands all over me and it became a dance of seduction. Taking his one hand and putting it on my lower back. Then slowly moving his other hand up my chest in between my breasts. Making it’s way to my neck, at which point I put my head back as if to give him my whole body. I came up and put my face up close to his with my arms on his shoulders and hands in his hair.

Looking at him like I was his.

Turning around with my back facing him, I put my arm backwards around his neck, moving my ass in circles on his cock. I could now feel him growing for me, in his pants. Then turning back around and putting his leg between mine, I got real close and began grinding my pussy on him. My little skirt going up and down, the jerk who ditched me, just staring at my pussy rubbing on this guys leg. The music, along with hands on me, made me feel wild inside. Knowing I was putting on a show, made it that much more intense.

All of a sudden, after staring in to each others eyes, our lips made contact. Now it was all over, we were locked in a full on make out session. We wanted each other and there was no going back. No longer giving a shit about my ex. I was here with this handsome man of mine. He whispered “That’s my girl.” The moment he said those words, I was all his.

I told him to come with me. Guiding him out the front doors of the club, I took his hand and brought him around to the back of the building. There was a dark, private little ally. Once getting in to the right spot where no one could see us, I pushed my back up against the brick wall of the club and pulled him in. He put his entire body up against mine, making me feel secure and wanted. Then his hands came up and pulled my mouth in to his. Kissing him felt so good. I loved the taste of his tongue on mine.

We wanted to fuck, NOW!

Roughly grinding up and down on each other, he pulled my shirt up so my tits were out. Grabbing my tits with one hand, I assisted him with unzipping his pants with the other.

Pulling out his cock, he then lifted me up against the wall. I moved my little spaghetti strap panties to the side, and his cock pushed into me hard. I moaned loud for him. Telling him to fuck me now. “That’s my girl” he said again. Making my pussy even more wet for him each time he said it. Pounding me harder and harder, I was loving every inch of his cock inside of me.

Thrusting more and more while continuing to hold me up against the wall. I glanced over his shoulder and saw the guy who started it all, just watching me get fucked by this new sexy replacement. His own family, ramming his cock into my pussy that used to be his. I smiled and moaned louder as he watched me being seduced.


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