We took our seats across from them and the wife was so cheerful and complimentary of me. He was sweating and I loved it.

The cuties were sleeping, and I was drinking and flirting with the son. And my boss was seeing red. Did I mention I am a vindictive slut?

I whispered into the son’s ear and then asked the wife if she could keep an eye on the cuties for us while we stretched our legs.

She happily agreed. My boss was grimacing, and I was taking the son’s hand and heading back to the bathroom.

Then I welcomed him into the mile-high club, and he became a little puppet. My hot ass pussy seems to have that effect on men. Especially this father and son duo.

Disheveled and obvious as to what we had done I took his hand and walked him back to the seats. Then I thanked the wife and spread my legs just a little.
Hoping my boss would get a sniff of my cum filled cunt. Hoping he might even see a little of his son’s cum dripping from my hole.


The rest of the ride went on without incident and we all unboarded, gathered our luggage, and headed to the Airbnb. Oh, I probably forgot to mention that the entire family would be sharing one house. So, my boss, his wife, their son, and I would all be spending the next week under the same roof.

Everyone was getting settled with the wife taking a bath and the son taking a shower. I already knew what was going to happen next, so I sat and waited.
And by sat and waited I mean I was laying across my bed with my cunt still full of cum. Without even a knock on the door, my boss walked in. He was pissed and I didn’t care.

As he quietly scolded me, I slipped my dress off. Standing in front of him in only a pair of heels and his son’s drops of Jupiter shining brightly on my legs.

I then laid back on the bed with my legs bent and spread. My boss couldn’t even contain himself as he buried his head between my legs and sucked out his son’s baby batter. Then I held the back of his head and pushed every little drop into his willing mouth.


This was just the beginning of the week. The rest of the week for even dirtier. But I will save that for next time.

I hope you have enjoyed reading part 2 of Revenge of a Mistress blog. If you would like to hear this story read in my sexy voice you can purchase my audio blog.

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