Yes. Revenge so good that I even surprised myself.

See he is my boss, and I am his secretary. He’s older, like way older but I didn’t mind being his high-dollar play toy. I don’t do much at work really, but I do take great care of him. Making my mouth or ass or my tight bald cunt available for all his needs at any time.

He fills my accounts and I drain his balls. Often, I greet him in the mornings with his files, a cup of coffee, and a thirty-minute briefing.

This briefing you ask. Well, that would be me pulling the blinds, locking the door, slipping out of my dress, and well …………………. Me. Yes me. In my lacy panties, matching bra, thigh highs, and heels. Depending on my mood I just might get on my knees and suck him dry.

My favorite is when he takes a call while I am on the other end of his cock. Licking, sucking, and stroking as he tries to be so professional. Of course, I swallow and hold just a little bit on my tongue so I can kiss him deeply after.

Letting him bask in the taste of his own load.

Or if I feel he hasn’t been paying enough attention to me I lay back on his desk and push his face into my perfect bald cunt. Grinding and pushing against his face until I squirt.
I love the way his face glistens with my juices. So much so that I can’t stop myself from sliding down his rock-hard monster and riding him until he fills my twat with his cum and I quiver with orgasms.

This little arrangement has been going on for a while and has always served me well. I get everything I want, and he gets a piece of me whenever I see fit to offer it to him.

However, the one thing I have grown accustomed to is being his arm candy at any of his professional events. The one he takes on business trips, ball games, and vacations.

So, when that little ass told me that his wife would be accompanying him on the company vacation, I saw red. Like literal red. No way was I going to let this happen.

I went into his office in the morning as usual and confronted him. Regardless of how I tried to persuade him he was steadfast. Determined that he had no options but to allow his wife to join.
I smiled, flashed him a quick look at my perfectly waxed cunt, and told him that he would regret that decision.

Hmmm……. Now, what to do? I thought and then it hit me like a brick wall. He had mentioned that his son needed a nanny. Did I mention that the son and family would also be going on the trip? Did I mention that the son was divorced?

The perfect setup for my revenge.

So, I made my play without my boss even knowing. The interview went great. I think the short tight dress with no panties might have sealed the deal.
I continued giving my boss the cold shoulder even though he continued to fill my accounts full.

The day before the trip he handed me keys to a new car and a black AMEX. I smirked as I took it and then walked out of the office.

Then the morning of the trip arrived. I joined his son and his little cuties and boarded the private jet. We walked down the aisle and then my boss saw me. Saw me with his son. Saw me with his wife sitting next to him. All blood left his face and he looked like he was going to pass out.

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