Retribution for Rejection – I Get What I Deserve – Part 2

John ripped my bikini off of me with such extreme force. I found it hard to fight him, even though I knew I probably should. But his manhandling of me, his retribution for me rejecting him, was getting me so wet, I just stood there. He spun me around and bent me over the sink. I stared at myself in the mirror. My makeup was running from the tears. I then glanced up to see him staring back at me with a hunger I’d never seen before. My eyes closed, waiting for the enevitable.

I felt his cock massage against my lips. All of a sudden, my eyes shot open as he shoved it as deep as possible in my cunt. “FUCK!” I shouted. Pain and pleasure wrapped around me as he continued to pump in and out. My pussy was not used to cock this big, but it still excited me. Why did this excite me??? I thought we were just friends…

He grabbed my hips and continued fucking me hard and deep.

I was trying to hold in moans, but they kept escaping my lips. He laughed “I knew you wanted me,” and spanked my ass hard. I gasped as he pulled out. I spun around and looked at him. He grabbed both of my thighs and lifted me up against the sink. He eased, gently this time, his cock into my pussy. All of a sudden, he wasn’t fucking me, but making love to me. I wrapped my arms around him for better stability, but also because I wanted to pull him deeper inside of me.

He stroked in and out of me. I felt myself begin to tighten. Was I really about to cum??? He whispered in my ear “go ahead, I know you want to.” That was just the permission I needed apparently, as my body quaked in orgasm. I squirted all over his gigantic cock. He lowered me off the sink, kissing me deeply. 

I willingly lowered myself to my knees.

There was nothing I wanted more than his cum shooting down my throat at this moment. I took his head in my mouth, and began taking it deep down my throat. I gagged less this time, as I was getting used to his size. The best thing this time was tasting my pussy juices mixed with his precum. I moaned around his cock. Finally, he began to tense up. I sucked hungrily as he began to squirt his semen inside my slut mouth.

As soon as I had my fill of his cum, I swallowed, looking up at him proudly. He pulled me up and kissed me again, whispering “see, that’s what I wanted. All I wanted was for you to want me.” I smiled and realized that this wasn’t his retribution anymore, but an awakening to my desires.


If you haven’t yet, read Part 1 of this story here! If you liked what you read, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even better when I retell it in my sexy voice. Buy that audio here!

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