Retribution for Rejection – I Get What I Deserve – Part 1

I’ve been friends with John for years. He’s tall, dark with curly brown hair, and some would say handsome. Girls are constantly falling all over him, but here’s the thing: I’ve never thought of him as more than a friend. We just have such a good friendship going on, I never thought to push past and try anything else. I also always thought he thought the same of me, but that was a mistake. A mistake I ended up paying retribution for.

So, John and I were hanging out one day. We were at his neighborhood pool. We stayed late, so we ended up being the last ones there. I had been tanning all day. I was wearing my pink bikini top with the blue flowers, and some white denim booty shorts over the matching swimsuit bottoms. John had been swimming and chilling out in the pool. Once the sun started to go down, I decided to join him and swim.

I wiggled my shorts off and walked towards the pool, where John started to splash me. I giggled and splashed him back. We chatted while I sat on the steps for a bit, when the most shocking thing happened. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a kiss. I pulled away, looking confused as hell. “What… was that?” I scoffed. Not my best move. 

“A kiss?” He replied. He searched my eyes for any glimpse of attraction. “Wait… you’re telling me you didn’t know?”

“John,” I laughed. “Know what??”

“That I like you??”

“Well obviously not,” I reply. “I thought we were just good friends.”

“You thought… after all the elaborate birthday gifts?? After the stuffed animals I got you for Christmas? I bought you roses this Valentines Day!!! You thought I was just your friend?” John raised his voice, getting angrier and angrier with every word.

I shrugged. “I’m sorry John.”

“Oh you’ll be sorry.”

He growled, grabbing me by my ponytail. I gasped as he pulled me out of the pool to my feet. I followed him to minimize the pain, but started resisting as soon as I saw him leading us to the public restroom for the pool. He quickly shoved me inside.

Once inside, I spun around and looked at him. “What the FUCK is going on??” 

He grinned evilly. “I’m taking what I’ve wanted for years.” He said, locking the door behind him. He slowly walked towards me, taking off his swim trunks. I stood in shock as his cock emerged, larger than I would have ever expected. He forced me to my knees, and before I could object, he forced his cock into my mouth. I gagged immediately, trying to pull away. He refused to let up, grabbing my head and face fucking me. I looked up through the tears streaming out of my eyes, just to see him in pure ecstasy.

Finally, he pulled out and I gasped for air. He grabbed my face and pulled me close to his. I could feel his warm breath against my lips. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you,” he whispered. I swear deep inside me, my pussy twitched. Did I… want this retribution??


I hope you liked Part 1 of my retribution story! Part 2 will be up Friday, but if you can’t wait until then, purchase my audio blog here to hear it in my sexy voice! If you want to read more like this, click here to read a stalker fantasy!

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