Reparations – My Sissy Slave’s First BBC – Part 1

It was Thursday and, of course, I wanted to go out and have a lot of fun! What better way than to order one of my slaves to buy me drinks. So, I called him on the way to the city and rented a suite in a nice hotel downtown. Of course my new slave obeyed and met me at the entrance where I led him to the bar downstairs. Then, I primed him with a little flirtation and sexy talk. Once I got him all loosened up, I whispered in his ear, “I have a surprise for you my slave”. After all, he had no clue that he would be serving someone other than his mistress that night in Reparations – My Sissy Slave’s First BBC.

Before entering the room, I took off my sash and used the scarf as a blindfold. As I wrapped it around his head snuggly, I asked if he could see anything. No, he could not. So, as I continued to tie I could feel the tenseness in him grow. Maybe this was excitement, but quite possibly a bit of fear as well.

He began to ask and I immediately hushed him.

After all, if he wanted to be my slave, there would be no back talk. Once he was ready, I unlocked the door and led him in. There was a slight trembling as I led him into the room. I began to smile as I locked eyes with my muscular gym instructor who I’d left a key for at the front desk.

His eyes were wide and I could tell he was pleased.

I told my slave to strip down and drop to his knees. While he was occupied, I stripped down myself. My dress, laid across the bed, and my black lace panties and bralette dropped to the floor. This left nothing but my garter, hosiery and patent leather black 6-inch heels.

Walking over to the bedside table, I realized my slave was completely bare and, as demanded, was on his knees.

I walked over to the bedside table to grab a nice-sized butt plug and my wand.

“Raise up that ass. Present yourself to me.”

Getting on all fours, his round bottom was high in the air. I placed the bulbous plug in my mouth and lubed it with saliva. Slowly, I plunged it through his tight little ass hole. As the black bulb disappeared into his puckered dark hole, I smiled. I played a bit, wiggling and pumping, then retreated.

Immediately, I started up my wand. Hearing the buzz, my slave began to squirm a bit, but remained in position. 

“Open your mouth”, I belted out.

He opened his mouth wide and flattened his tongue. Then, I placed the vibrating nub on my clit and moved closer to his lips. With my slit resting on his mouth, I began to speak.

“Show your mistress how much you love her.”

He began to lap with delight as I squealed a bit, enwrapped with pleasure. 

Oh yes, he will make my big dark friend so happy!


If you enjoyed this yummy little tale, make sure to cum back Wednesday for more in part 2 of Reparations – My Sissy Slave’s First BBC.

But, if you want to put yourself in the seat of my sissy slave with more of the nasty little details, you should check out my audio!

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